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AFS is offering more than 100 publications at reduced prices. From now until January 6, 2020, take advantage of our End-of-Year Book Sale and save on selected titles. Complete your science library at dramatically reduced prices – all sale publications are priced from $5.00 to $20.00.  No refunds or returns on this special offer. These sale books available through our online bookstore only, and sale applies to the complete hard-copy book only, not PDF downloads.  A complete list of sale books is HERE.

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AFS members using the Online Bookstore must use the same username (your e-mail address) and password as for your AFS membership account in order to receive the 30% member discount. The AFS membership account log-in may be different from the log-in you’ve used previously to order books. To log in, click HERE. If you wish to become a member, click here to join (please allow one business day after joining for your membership to take effect on the Online Bookstore).

In addition to hard copy books, we now offer PDF full-text downloads of many books or just their individual chapters. Front matter, glossaries, indexes, and references are provided free.

If you have a question about one of our titles or about an online order, please contact:

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If you prefer not to order online, please contact our orders department (Books International) to place your order. Phone: 703-661-1570 | Fax: 703-996-1010 | Email: [email protected] | Mail: American Fisheries Society | c/o Books International | P.O. Box 605 | Herndon, VA 20172

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