Marine Artificial Reef Research and Development: Integrating Fisheries Management Objectives


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Stephen A. Bortone, editor

321 pages, index
Symposium #86
ISBN: 978-1-934874-51-6
Published December 2018


Over the past forty years, marine artificial reef researchers have explored a variety of key questions about the ecology and function of manmade marine habitat. While artificial reefs have long been presumed to offer an alternative management option to resource managers, in practice artificial reefs are often not formally incorporated into fishery management plans.

This volume addresses many of these issues with papers based chiefly on presentations given at a symposium held at the American Fisheries Society annual meeting in Tampa, Florida,  and the 11th CARAH (Conference on Artificial Reefs and Related Habitats) held in Terengganu, Malaysia, both held in 2017.

This topical work presents research results that address the incorporation of artificial reefs into fishery management strategies.  The book will be invaluable to natural resource researchers and managers.


An Introduction to Artificial Reef Research and Development (Stephen A. Bortone)

How Does Fish Behavior Change during the Day around Gas Platforms? (Annalisa Gaetani, Anna Nora Tassetti, Stefano Guicciardi, Carmen Ferrà, and Gianna Fabi)

A Comparison of Fish Assemblages According to Artificial Reef Attributes and Seasons in the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Jessica Jaxion-Harm, Stephen T. Szedlmayer, and Peter A. Mudrak)

A Comparison of Fish and Epibenthic Assemblages on Artificial Reefs with and without Copper-Based, Anti-Fouling Paint (Stephen T. Szedlmayer and Dianna R. Miller)

Environmental Factor Analysis of Snow Crab Associated with Artificial Reefs (Nobuhisa Kohno, Sohei Okubo, Shinya Otake, Wataru Fujiie, Toshihiko Kaneko, Tomoki Miyamukai, and Kazumasa Imao)

A Comparison of Population Dynamics from Red Snapper Associated with Inshore and Offshore Artificial Reefs in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico (C. Y. M. Froehlich, A. M. Lee, R. Oquita, C. E. Cintra-Buenrostro, J. D. Shively, and J. B. Shipley)

Investigating Reproductive Characteristics of Gray Triggerfish on Three Artificial Reefs in the Northwest Gulf of Mexico (A. M. Lee, C. E. Cintra-Buenrostro, and J. D. Shively)

Reef Fish Depend on Corals and Natural Outcrops: Are Predation and Migration Linked to the Fractal Characteristics of Habitats? (John F. Caddy)

Comparison of Reef-Fish Assemblages between Artificial and Geologic Habitats in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Fishery-Independent Surveys (Sean F. Keenan, Theodore S. Switzer, Kevin A. Thompson, Amanda J. Tyler-Jedlund, and Anthony R. Knapp)

Restoring a Nearshore Rocky Reef Ecosystem in the Challenge of an Urban Setting (Daniel J. Pondella II, Jonathan P. Williams, Chelsea M. Williams, Jeremy T. Claisse, and David Witting)

The Charleston Deep Reef: Creating an Artificial Reef Marine Protected Area to Enhance Fisheries Resources (Robert M. Martore and Melvin Bell)

Artificial Reefs to Mitigate Human Impacts in the Marine Environment: The Wheeler North Reef as a Test Case (Stephen C. Schroeter, Daniel C. Reed, and Peter Raimondi)

An Integrative Artificial Reef Project for Conservation and Coastal Management in the Colombian Caribbean (Oscar Delgadillo-G and Nirith N. Toro)

Re-Exploring the Application of Artificial Reefs for Community-Based Fishery Management in Malaysia (Jarina Mohd Jani, Elizabeth Olson, and Genevieve Patenaude)

Selection of Artificial Reef Deployment Sites by Using Evidential Reasoning (Nurul Haqimin Mohd Salleh, Azifah Aqilah Aman, and Saharuddin Abdul Hamid)

Methods to Quantify Recreational Angling Effort on Artificial Reefs off Florida’s Gulf of Mexico Coast (Tiffanie A. Cross, Beverly Sauls, Rachel Germeroth, and Keith Mille)

Evaluating a Teranas Natural Reef off Malaysia Using a Multibeam Echosounder: A Method to Support Artificial Reefs (Razak Zakariya and Lenny Sharinee Sakai)

Research and Development on the Design and Construction of Artificial Reefs in Malaysia (1975–2017) (Ahmad Ali, Nur Iskandar Tajudin, and Rafezi Hazizi)

An Alternative Approach to Designing Artificial Reefs to Manage Marine Fisheries (Stephen A. Bortone)


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Complete Book (Hard Copy), Complete Book (PDF Download), Front matter, 01 An Introduction, 02 How Does Fish Behavior, 03 A Comparison of Fish Assemblages, 04 A Comparison of Fish and Epibenthic, 05 Environmental Factor Analysis, 06 A Comparison of Population, 07 Investigating Reproductive, 08 Reef Fish Depend, 09 Comparison of Reef-Fish, 10 Restoring a Nearshore, 11 The Charleston Deep Reef, 12 Artificial Reefs to Mitigate, 13 An Integrative Artificial Reef, 14 Re-Exploring the Application, 15 Selection of Artificial Reef, 16 Methods to Quantify, 17 Evaluating a Teranas, 18 Research and Development, 19 An Alternative Approach, Index