Native Fishes of Idaho


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Book Review: Native Fishes of Idaho Book Review

Richard L. Wallace and Donald W. Zaroban

213 pages, paper, index, full color throughout

Published by the American Fisheries Society, April 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1-934874-35-6


This field guide provides accounts of 44 taxa (species, subspecies, and morphotypes) of fish native to Idaho. Of these, 25 have no defined studies of their distribution or ecological attributes in Idaho. The account for each taxon contains descriptions of the physical attributes, distribution, habitat, diet, ecology, and Idaho conservation status.

Includes color illustrations of species, distribution maps, references, glossary, and index.


Idaho Surface Water Drainages

Zoogeography of Fishes Native to Idaho

Key to Native Idaho Fish Species

Species Accounts and Distribution:

Petromyzontidae – lamprey

Acipenseridae – sturgeon

Salmonidae – trout, salmon, whitefish, and char

Cyprinidae – minnows

Catostomidae – suckers

Percopsidae – trout perch

Gadidae – cod

Cottidae – sculpins



Appendix A