Practical Hatchery Management of Warmwater Fishes


402 pp, hardcover, 2020
ISBN-13:  978-1-934874-59-2
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Jack Snow and Ronald P. Phelps

This book describes the components of a warmwater fish hatchery and the basic techniques used for commonly cultured freshwater fishes. The book’s goal is to enable selection of an appropriate combination of techniques to successfully produce fish species in a hatchery setting.

The volume is organized into three major sections. Chapters 2–12 dis­cuss basic hatchery infrastructure, techniques, and procedures avail­able for the production of a variety of fish species. These techniques can be applied to other fishes with similar biological characteristics. Chapters 13–16 provide details on hatchery production of commonly cultured warmwater foodfish and sportfishes. A final section en­titled Toolbox (Chapter 17) has 18 subsections covering specific techniques ranging from aquaculture planning to water filtration that have application at most hatcheries and to a number of species. The focus of this section is to provide references, many available online, that provide detail on specific is­sues and techniques.

This work will be a valuable reference for culturists, fisheries scientists, managers, and the interested public.