Scientific Communication for Natural Resource Professionals


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Cecil A. Jennings, Thomas E. Lauer, and Bruce Vondracek, editors

180 pages

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: August 2012

ISBN: 978-1-934874-28-8



This book is a “how to” guide to most forms of modern scientific communication, containing practical advice on improving communications and publishing success.

Includes chapters on preparing and submitting manuscripts, determining authorship, searching for information, integrating statistical methods and results into your writing, designing tables and figures, converting your thesis or dissertation to a journal manuscript, deciding where to submit your manuscript, responding to peer review, preparing poster and oral presentations for professional meetings, writing review papers, and reviewing a scientific paper.

This topical volume will be of interest to students, young professionals, educators, scientists, managers, and anyone who needs to communicate science.


1. Communicating Science: From Cuneiform to the Contemporary and Beyond (Cecil A. Jennings)

2. Determining Authorship: Why Is Something that Seems so Simple Often so Difficult (Kenneth A. Rose, Mary C. Fabrizio, and Beth A. Phelan)

3. Guidance for the Successful Preparation and Submission of Scientific Manuscripts (Michael L. Brown and Jonathan A. Jenks)

4. Style, Usage, Grammar, and Punctuation (Alexander V. Zale, David A. Hewitt, and Brian R. Murphy)

5. Fishing the Deep Web: The Search for Information (Linda Eells, Ruth Vondracek, and Bruce Vondracek)

6. Integrating Statistical Methods and Results into Your Writing (James R. Bence and Daniel B. Hayes)

7. Design of Tables and Figures for Display of Scientific Data (Roger D. Moon)

8. Converting Your Thesis or Dissertation to a Journal Manuscript: Guidance to Students and Mentors for Removing Impediments and Promoting Success (Thomas E. Lauer and Ashley H. Moerke)

9. Now that You Have Great Results, Where Should You Submit Your Manuscript? (Martha E. Mather, Donna L. Parrish, and John M. Dettmers)

10. Responding to Peer Review and Editor’s Comments (Harold L. Schramm, Jr. and Leandro E. Miranda)

11. Poster and Oral Presentations at Professional Meetings (Carl R. Ruetz III)

12. Writing Review Papers (Peter B. Moyle)

13. The Essentials of Reviewing a Scientific Manuscript (David J. Jude)

14. Professional Communications for Scientists: Impromptu Comments, Telephones, E-mail, and Memos (Brooks C. Mendell)