Conservation, Ecology, and Management of Catfish: The Second International Symposium


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Paul H. Michaletz and Vincent H. Travnichek, editors

800 pages, hardcover, Symposium 77

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: August 2011


ISBN: 978-1-934874-25-7


Catfish species occur worldwide and are of increasing interest to anglers, biologists, aquaculturists, aquarists, and conservationists.  This book explores the incredible diversity of catfish in size, life history, and ecology.

Catfish provide important sport fisheries and many chapters provide new insights on sampling, population dynamics, and management of these sport fishes.  Numerous non-game species of catfish have not been well-studied and this book supplies new information on several of these species, including some that are threatened by habitat degradation and other factors.  Several chapters provide insights into the population dynamics and potential management strategies for nonnative catfish populations, some of which have devastated native fish fauna.  Other chapters document the large variation in fish movements and habitat use in river systems both within and among catfish species.  The last chapter summarizes the state of knowledge of catfish science, and identifies areas for future study.

This book will be a valuable reference for anyone interested in catfish, especially those charged with studying, managing, or conserving these important species.


[Plenary] From Our Science Comes Our Song: An Introductory Essay (Donald C. Jackson)

Human Interactions with Catfish (Steve Quinn)

Global Catfish Biodiversity (Jonathan W. Armbruster)

Ecology and Conservation of Large-Bodied Freshwater Catfish: A Global Perspective (Zeb S. Hogan)

[Conservation, Management, and Ecology of Sport Catfish Populations] Missouri’s Catfish: A History of Utilization, Management, and Culture (Stephen Eder)

Development of a Blue Catfish Management Program in Oklahoma: A Case History (Kurt E. Kuklinski and Chas P. Patterson)

Population Characteristics of Channel Catfish in the Platte River, Nebraska (Tony J. Barada and Mark A. Pegg)

Sampling Statistics and Size Distributions for Flathead Catfish Populations in Four Missouri Rivers (Zachary L. Ford, Kevin P. Sullivan, Ivan W. Vining, Thomas G. Kulowiec, Gregory D. Pitchford, H. Ross Dames, Ron J. Dent, and Elizabeth Colvin)

Population Characteristics of Flathead Catfish in Channelized and Unchannelized Reaches of the Middle Missouri River from 1997 to 2008 (Tim K. Porter, Gerald E. Mestl, and Mark T. Porath)

Angler Size Selectivity and Exploitation of Flathead Catfish from the Missouri River (Vincent H. Travnichek)

Historical Trends in Ictalurid Catfish Commercial Harvest in the Upper Mississippi River (Rebecca M. Krogman, Jesse R. Fischer, Michael C. Quist, Michael J. Steuck, and
Michelle M. Marron)

Population Trends of Flathead Catfish, Channel Catfish, and Blue Catfish in Impounded and Unimpounded Reaches of the Upper Mississippi River (1993-2007) (Kathryn N. S. McCain, Joseph W. Ridings, Quinton Phelps, and Robert A. Hrabik)

Catfish Population Characteristics in Tailwater and Reservoir Habitats of the Coosa River, Alabama (Jeffrey C. Jolley and Elise R. Irwin)

Channel Catfish Populations, Management, and Angler Use in the Main-Stem Missouri River Reservoirs (Wesley W. Bouska, Chris Longhenry, Paul Bailey, Dave Fryda, and Heath Headley)

Evaluation of an 813-mm Maximum Size Limit for Blue Catfish in Two North Carolina Reservoirs (Lawrence G. Dorsey, Brian J. McRae, and Troy M. Thompson)

Factors Affecting Blue Catfish Populations in Texas Reservoirs (Brian L. Bartram, John E. Tibbs, and Patrick D. Danley)

Assessing Angler Exploitation of Blue Catfish and Flathead Catfish in a Missouri Reservoir Using Reward Tags (Kevin P. Sullivan and Ivan W. Vining)

Evaluation of the Flathead Catfish Population and Fishery on Lake Carl Blackwell, Oklahoma, with Emphasis on the Effects of Noodling (Dana L. Winkelman)

A Survey of Hand Grabbing Catfish Anglers at Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi (Jerry L. Brown, Jr.)

Catch-Related Attitudes of Mississippi Catfish Anglers: Hand Grabblers and Rod-and-Reel Anglers (Susan F. Steffen and Kevin M. Hunt)

Survival, Condition, and Pathogen Load of Channel Catfish Fingerlings Following Transport (Edward N. Sismour, M. David Crosby, Scott H. Newton, and Michael L. Fine)

[Conservation, Management, and Ecology of Nongame Catfish] Control of Gonadal Maturation of the Margined Madtom (Joseph N. Stoeckel and Richard J. Neves)

Feeding and Reproductive Biology of Ouachita Madtom (Joseph N. Stoeckel, Charles J. Gagen, and Richard W. Standadge)

The Neosho Madtom and the Multifaceted Nature of Population Limiting Factors (Mark L. Wildhaber)

Status Assessment of the Carolina Madtom: A Rare North Carolina Epidemic (Christopher J. Wood and Robert B. Nichols)

Back to the Fifties: Historical Use of -Willow Cats- as Bait in the Upper Mississippi River Valley (Philip A. Cochran)

Life History and Population Structure of the Snail Bullhead in Nickajack Creek, Georgia (Peter C. Sakaris, Dontrece Smith, Evan Davis, and Bwefuk Macham)

Observations on the Reproductive Biology of the Chihuil Sea Catfish in the Southeast Gulf of California: Implications for Management (Víctor Muro and Felipe Amezcua)

Ictalurids in Iowa’s Streams and Rivers: Status, Distribution, and Relationships with Biotic Integrity (Anthony R. Sindt, Jesse R. Fischer, Michael C. Quist, and Clay L. Pierce)

[Management and Ecology of Nonnative Catfish] Searching for Equilibrium: Population Parameters and Variable Recruitment in Introduced Blue Catfish Populations in Four Virginia Tidal River Systems (Robert S. Greenlee and Catherine N. Lim)

Ecological Role of Blue Catfish in Chesapeake Bay Communities and Implications for Management (Ryan W. Schloesser, Mary C. Fabrizio, Robert J. Latour, Greg C. Garman, Bob Greenlee, Mary Groves, and James Gartland)

Historical Catch, Age Structure, Sizes, and Relative Growth for an Introduced Population of Blue Catfish in Lake Oconee, Georgia (Michael D. Homer, Jr. and Cecil A. Jennings)

Impacts of Electrofishing Removals on the Introduced Flathead Catfish Population in the Satilla River, Georgia (Timothy F. Bonvechio, Micheal S. Allen, Dan Gwinn, and Jason S. Mitchell)

Population Dynamics of Introduced Flathead Catfish in Rivers of Southern Georgia (Adam J. Kaeser, Timothy F. Bonvechio, Donald Harrison, and Robert R. Weller)

Population Characteristics of White Catfish and Channel Catfish in the Delaware River Estuary (David H. Keller)

Naturalization of Channel Catfish in the Country of Georgia (Rezo K. Goradze, Akaki Komakhidze, and Irakli Goradze)

[Catfish Movements and Habitat Use] Range and Seasonal Movements of Flathead Catfish in the Iowa River, Iowa (Gregory T. Gelwicks and Gregory A. Simmons)

Movement of Adult Male Flathead Catfish in the Upper Fox River and Wolf River Systems Determinded by Radiotelemetry (Randal R. Piette and Alan D. Niebur)

Movement and Site Fidelity of Flathead Catfish in the Minnesota River (Steven M. Shroyer)

Selection of Interstice Size by Juvenile Flathead Catfish (Daniel J. Daugherty, J. Warren Schlechte, and Robert W. Wienecke)

Intra-Annual Movement and Migration of Flathead Catfish and Blue Catfish in the Lower Missouri River and Tributaries (Daniel L. Garrett and Charles F. Rabeni)

Blue Catfish Movement in the Upper Mississippi River (Sara J. Tripp, Michael J. Hill, Heather A. Calkins, Ronald C. Brooks, David P. Herzog, David E. Ostendorf, Robert A. Hrabik, and James E. Garvey)

Catfish Spatial Distribution in the Free-Flowing Mississippi River (Leandro E. Miranda and K. Jack Killgore)

Juvenile Channel Catfish Habitat Use in the Middle Mississippi River (Quinton E. Phelps, Sara J. Tripp, James E. Garvey, David P. Herzog, Robert A. Hrabik, David E. Ostendorf, Joseph W. Ridings, and Jason W. Crites)

[Evaluation of Catfish Sampling Techniques and Population Assessment Tools] Utility of Tandem Hoop Nets for Indexing Channel Catfish Structure and Growth (Mark K. Flammang, Randall D. Schultz, and Darcy N. Cashatt)

Effect of Soak Duration on Precision of Channel Catfish Catch with Baited, Tandem Hoop Nets (Ben C. Neely and Spencer C. Dumont)

Influence of Throat Configuration and Fish Density on Escapement of Channel Catfish from Hoop Nets (Mark T. Porath, Larry D. Pape, Lindsey K. Richters, Kevin L. Pope, and Mark A. Pegg)

Catch of Channel Catfish with Tandem-Set Hoop Nets and Gill Nets in Lentic Systems of Nebraska (Lindsey K. Richters and Kevin L. Pope)

Efficiency of Baited Hoop Nets for Sampling Catfish in Southeastern U.S. Small Impoundments (Benjamin C. Wallace, Daniel M. Weaver, and Thomas J. Kwak)

Assessing Channel Catfish Stocking Rates with Simple Growth Increment Indices (Paul H. Michaletz, Eric L. Dennis, Matthew A. Engel, and Craig S. Gemming)

Comparison of Electrofishing and Experimental Gill Nets for Sampling Size Structure and Relative Abundance of Blue Catfish in Reservoirs (Nathan T. Evans, Daniel E. Shoup, and Kurt E. Kuklinski)

Effect of Electrofishing Sampling Design on Bias of Size-Related Metrics for Blue Catfish in Reservoirs (Kristopher A. Bodine, David L. Buckmeier, J. Warren Schlechte, and Daniel E. Shoup)

Monthly Variation and Influence of Habitat and River Stage on Electrofishing Catch Rates and Population Indices of Flathead Catfish from the Lower Missouri River (Vincent H. Travnichek)

Using Soap Bait to Prevent Turtle Bycatch on Trotlines (Russell M. Barabe and Donald C. Jackson)

Trace Element and Stable Isotopic Signatures in Otoliths and Pectoral Spines as Potential Indicators of Catfish Environmental History (Kurt T. Smith and Gregory W. Whitledge)

[Age and Growth of Catfish] Meta-Analysis of Growth for Five North American Catfishes: Effects of Climate, Hydrologic Habitat, and Latitudinal Countergradients (Andrew L. Rypel)

An Evaluation of Agreement between Pectoral Spines and Otoliths for Estimating Ages of Catfishes (Jason Olive, Harold L. Schramm, Jr., Patrick D. Gerard, and Elise Irwin)

Validation of Daily Ring Deposition in the Otoliths of Age-0 Blue Catfish and Flathead Catfish (Peter C. Sakaris, Daniel J. Daugherty, and David L. Buckmeier)

Age and Growth of Flathead Catfish from Pools 12 and 13 of the Upper Mississippi River (Michael J. Steuck and Caleb C. Schnitzler)

Evaluation of a New Preparation Technique for Flathead Catfish Pectoral Spines (Jeff D. Koch, Tyler J. Stubbs, and Randall D. Schultz)

Bias, Precision, and Processing Time of Otoliths and Pectoral Spines Used for Age Estimation of Channel Catfish (Tony J. Barada, Aaron J. Blank, and Mark A. Pegg)

[Behavioral Ecology of Catfish] A Review of the Interactions between Catfishes and Freshwater Mollusks in North America (Jeremy S. Tiemann, Stephen E. McMurray, M. Christopher Barnhart, and G. Thomas Watters)

A Primer on Functional Morphology and Behavioral Ecology of the Pectoral Spine of the Channel Catfish (Michael L. Fine, Edward N. Sismour, Scott H. Newton, Bishop T. Bosher, Amanda DH Sullivan, Joseph Paul Miano, Zachary N. Ghahramani, Yasha J. Mohajer, and Shelley C. Nellis)

[Trends and Future Directions] Catfish Science: Status and Trends in the 21st Century (Thomas J. Kwak, Mark T. Porath, Paul H. Michaletz, and Vincent H. Travnichek)