Continuing Education

Learn hands-on skills to boost your career

Continuing Education is an important and growing member benefit provided by the American Fisheries Society, which fulfills the Society's mission to help fisheries scientists develop professionally and learn continually.IMG_5255 small

Upcoming Courses

2018 Planning & Executing Successful Rotenone & Antimycin Projects
For biologists who manage the planning and execution of rotenone or antimycin projects.
Registration is now open!

Continuing Education Workshops - 2018 Annual Meeting  Planning for 2018 in Atlantic City, NJ will begin soon!

Recent Courses

Continuing Education Workshops - 2017 Annual Meeting
2017 Planning & Executing Successful Rotenone & Antimycin Projects
Continuing Education Workshops - 2016 Annual Meeting
Continuing Education Workshops - 2015 Annual Meeting

Online Resources

Leadership at All Levels of AFS - part 1
Leadership at All Levels of AFS - part 2
AFS Governing Board members present this workshop each year at the Annual Meeting. The links above are for recordings of the 2016's presentation.

Additional Resources

Some resources are already available to you, including:

Future Continuing Education for AFS

You will eventually be able to access your continuing education records and take additional courses online.  The Distance Education Plan provides detail regarding the AFS's strategy for teaching from afar. Please be patient as we develop this service.

Past Continuing Education courses are partially documented, while most upcoming courses are featured on the Annual Meeting website.  To seek approval for a new Continuing Education course, please complete the Course Approval Form.