Age and Growth of Fishes: Principles and Techniques


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Edited by Michael C. Quist and Daniel A. Isermann

359 pages, hardcover
Published November 2017
ISBN: 978-1-934874-48-6


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Estimating age structure of fish populations and growth of individuals is fundamental to evaluating fish population demographics and dynamics.  This text provides a comprehensive overview of concepts and techniques associated with estimating age and growth of fishes.  Although the material presented in the book is applicable to systems around the world, the primary focus is on post-larval fish in North American freshwater systems.

The book is organized into four sections.  Chapters in the first section (Chapters 1–2) provide an overview of the history and importance of age and growth information, as well as an introduction to how calcified structures grow.  The second section (Chapters 3–5) focuses on validation and verification of structures, choice of structures, and sampling considerations.  The third section (Chapters 6–9) provides a discussion of the most common structures used to estimate the age of fish.  The last section (Chapters 10–12) details methods for data summarization and analysis.

This book is intended for practicing fisheries managers, researchers, and graduate and advanced undergraduate students.


  1. History and Importance of Age and Growth Information
  2. Morphology, Composition, and Growth of Structures Used for Age Estimation
  3. Validation of Annual and Daily Increments in Calcified Structures and Verification of Age Estimates
  4. Choice of Structure for Estimating Fish Age and Growth
  5. Sampling for Age and Growth Estimation
  6. Scales
  7. Cleithra, Dentaries, and Other Bones
  8. Fin Rays and Spines
  9. Otoliths
  10. Age Structure
  11. Growth Estimation: Summarization
  12. Growth Estimation: Growth Models and Statistical Inference

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Age and Growth of Fishes

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