Freshwater Fisheries in Canada


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Edited by Caleb T. Hasler, Jack G. Imhof, Nicholas E. Mandrak, and Steven J. Cooke

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Published June 2023


Canada is surrounded by three oceans and home to more freshwater lakes and rivers than can be reasonably counted. It is therefore not surprising that Canada has a plethora of freshwater fisheries and a long history of use and innovative strategies for managing them.

This book is designed to follow a logical arc beginning with an overview of the Canadian landscape and the zoogeography and status of freshwater fish populations. Next, the book brings together reports on fisheries from across Canada—either at the provincial or regional scale (as dictated largely by ecoregion; e.g., the North, the Laurentian Great Lakes). Then, a number of issues and threats are presented that are useful in revealing the challenges and opportunities that exist for ensuring that freshwater fish populations are healthy and vibrant. We conclude with some reflective contributions, including short essays from some legendary fisheries professionals in Canada as well as a forward-looking piece by some early-career fisheries professionals. Taken together, this book will serve as a resource for those interested in learning about the past, present, and future of freshwater fishes and fisheries in Canada.



1 Zoogeography of the Freshwater Fishes of Canada (Nicholas E. Mandrak, R. Allen Curry, Pierre Dumont, James D. Reist, Eric B. Taylor, and Douglas A. Watkinson)

2 Freshwater Fisheries Resources and Management: Canadian Contexts (Steven J. Cooke, Rowshyra A Castañeda, Andrea J. Reid, Alexander Duncan, Caleb T. Hasler, Jacob Brownscombe, Andrew Howarth, Morgan L. Piczak, Steven J. Kerr, Michael L. Jones, John M. Casselman, Jack G. Imhof, and Nicholas E. Mandrak)

3 Management Regimes for Freshwater Fisheries: the Fisheries Act and the Management of Threats to Freshwater Fisheries (Bronwyn E. Keatley, Anne M. Phelps, Amanda K. Winegardner, and Nicholas A. Winfield)

4 The Evolution of Freshwater Fish Habitat Science and Management in Canada (Jack G. Imhof)

5 Status and Management of Freshwater Fisheries Resources in Western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia) (Brett T. van Poorten, Michael G. Sullivan, Theresa Godin, Eric Parkinson, Trevor D. Davies, and John R. Post)

6 Status and Management of Fisheries Resources in Canada’s Northern Territories (Peter A. Cott, Louise Chavarie, Cynthia A. Paszkowski, Heidi K. Swanson, and William M. Tonn)

7 Status and Management of Fisheries Resources in Manitoba and Saskatchewan (William G. Franzin, Christopher L. Dunn, Geoffrey M. Klein, Jeffrey M. Long, Chelsey E. Lumb, Jennifer J. Merkowsky, Matthew R. Tyree, Caleb T. Hasler, and Douglas A. Watkinson)

8 Status and Management of Inland Fisheries of Ontario (Nigel Lester, Helen Ball, Warren Dunlop, Kim Armstrong, Jeff Amos, and Steve Sandstrom)

9 Status and Management of Freshwater and Diadromous Fisheries in Québec (Pierre Dumont, Frédéric Lecomte, Michel Legault, Martin Arvisais, Yves Paradis, Julien April, Guy Verreault, and Pierre Magnan)

10 Status and Management of Fisheries in the Laurentian Great Lakes (Robert J. Lennox, Jill Brooks, John M. Dettmers, Nicholas E. Mandrak, and Steven J. Cooke)

11 Status and Management of Freshwater and Diadromous Fisheries of Atlantic Canada (Keith D. Clarke)

12 Conservation of Canadian Freshwater Fishes: Current Status, Challenges, and Research Needs (Eric B. Taylor, Nicholas E. Mandrak, John R. Post, and John D. Reynolds)

13 Freshwater Fish Introductions in Canada (Nicholas E. Mandrak)

14 Harvest and Bycatch Potential in Ontario’s Commercial Live Bait Fishery (D. Andrew R. Drake and Nicholas E. Mandrak)

15 Interactions between Hydropower and Freshwater Ecosystems (Karen E. Smokorowski, Steven J. Cooke, Ivan J. Dolinsek, Ana T. Silva, Terry Toner, and Jay Walmsley)

16 Climate Change and Its Impact on Freshwater Fishes and Fisheries in Canada (Cindy Chu, Derrick T. De Kerckhove, Matthew M. Guzzo, and Mark S. Poesch)

17 Winter as a Defining Season for Canadian Fishes (Bailey C. McMeans, Peter A. Cott, Thomas A. Johnston, Paul J. Blanchfield, Matthew M. Guzzo, and Richard A. Cunjak)

18 Assessing the Potential Risks of Tailing Ponds Failures to Aquatic Ecosystems in Canada (Mark S. Poesch)

19 Perspectives from Retired Canadian Freshwater Fish and Fisheries Professionals (F. William H. Beamish, Richard J. Beamish, Lynda D. Corkum, Pierre Dumont, Charles K. Minns, and Geoff Power)

20 Perspectives on the Future of Freshwater Fisheries Science, Management, and Policy in Canada (Michael R. Donaldson, Shannon Landovskis, Gabrielle S. Deveau, Erika J. Eliason, Ken M. Jeffries, Mark S. Poesch, D. Andrew R. Drake, Douglas C. Braun, Vivian M. Nguyen, Graham D. Raby, Robert J. Lennox, Heidi Swanson, Brett Favaro, Shannon D. Bower, Nick W. Lapointe, Caleb T. Hasler, and Steven J. Cooke)

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Complete Book (hard copy), Complete Book (PDF download), Complete Book (epub download), Front Matter, 01 Zoogeography, 02 Resources and Management, 03 Management Regimes, 04 Evolution of Habitat Science, 05 Western Canada, 06 Canada's Northern Territories, 07 Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 08 Inland Fisheries of Ontario, 09 Fisheries in Quebec, 10 Laurentian Great Lakes, 11 Overview of Fisheries of Atlantic Canada, 12 Conservation of Canadian Fishes, 13 Freshwater Fish Introductions, 14 Ontario's Commercial Baitfish, 15 Hydropower Introductions, 16 Climate Change, 17 Winter as a Defining Season, 18 Assessing Tailing Ponds, 19 Perspectives from Retired Professionals, 20 Perspectives on the Future