Freshwater, Fish and the Future: Proceedings of the Global Cross-Sectoral Conference


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William W. Taylor, Devin M. Bartley, Chris I. Goddard, Nancy J. Leonard, and Robin Welcomme, editors

351 pages, paper

Published by the American Fisheries Society, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and Michigan State University, July 2016

ISBN-13: 978-92-5-109263-7


Inland fish and their fisheries provide important nutritional, economic, cultural, and recreational benefits and are key components of sustainable ecosystem function throughout the world. Based on papers presented during the 2015 Global Conference on Inland Fisheries organized by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and Michigan State University, the book includes recommendations for improving information, communication, and governance relating to inland aquatic ecosystems and the fisheries and people they support. The book’s chapters call for better integration of all the sectors using the world’s freshwaters and offer a roadmap to ensure inland fisheries continue to provide food security and livelihoods to people today and in the future.

The book assesses the challenges facing inland fisheries worldwide, along with recommendations for addressing them, and provides potential future directions for policy makers, international development organizations, social and biological scientists, and natural resource managers.



Inland Fish and Fisheries: A Call to Action (T. Douglas Beard, Jr., Eddie H. Allison, Devin M. Bartley, Ian G. Cowx, Steven J. Cooke, Carlos Fuentevilla, Abigail J. Lynch, and William W. Taylor)

Plenary Talks:

Inland Fisheries: Past, Present, and Future (Robin Welcomme)

Water Governance and Management for Sustainable Development (Olcay Unver, Lucie Pluschke, Betsy Riley, and So-Jung Youn)

Using Tribal Fishing Rights as Leverage to Restore Salmon Populations in the Columbia River Basin (Paul Lumley, Jeremy FiveCrows, Laura Gephart, James Heffernan, and Laurie Jordan)

Freshwater Fish in the Food Basket in Developing Countries: A Key to Alleviate Undernutrition (Nanna Roos)

Biological Assessment Theme:

Assessment of Inland Fisheries: A Vision for the Future (Steven J. Cooke, Angela H. Arthington, Scott A. Bonar, Shanon D. Bower, David B. Bunnell, Rose E. M. Entsua-Mensah, Simon Funge-Smith, John D. Koehn, Nigel P. Lester, Kai Lorenzen, So Nam, Robert G. Randall, Paul Venturelli, and Ian G. Cowx)

A Global Estimate of Theoretical Annual Inland Capture Fisheries Harvest (David Lymer, Felix Marttin, Gerd Marmulla, and Devin M. Bartley)

In the Frame: Modifying Photovoice for Improving Understanding of Gender in Fisheries and Aquaculture (Alison Simmance, Fiona Simmance, Jeppe Kolding, Nyovani J. Madise, and Guy M. Poppy)

Biological Assessment by a Fish-Based Index of Biotic Integrity for Turkish Inland Waters (Sedat V. Yerli, Mustafa Korkmaz, and Fatih Mangit)

Assessing Inland Fisheries: What Can Be Learned from Australia’s Murray–Darling Basin (John D. Koehn)

Economic and Social Assessment Theme:

The Underappreciated Livelihood Contributions of Inland Fisheries and the Societal Consequences of Their Neglect (So-Jung Youn, Edward H. Allison, Carlos Fuentevilla, Simon Funge-Smith, Heather Triezenberg, Melissa Parker, Shakuntala Thilsted, Paul Onyango, Wisdom Akpalu, Gordon Holtgrieve, Molly J. Good, and Stephanie Muise)

How National Household Consumption and Expenditure Surveys Can Improve Understanding of Fish Consumption Patterns within a Country and the Role of Inland Fisheries in Food Security and Nutrition (Simon Funge-Smith)

The Value of Tanzania Fisheries and Aquaculture: Assessment of the Contribution of the Sector to Gross Domestic Product (Lilian Ibengwe and Fatma Sobo)

Economic and Social Analysis of Artisanal Fishermen in Taraba State, Nigeria (Bernadette T. Fregene)

Livelihood and Poverty among Fishers and Nonfishers in Hirakud Reservoir Region, Odisha, India (N. Nibedita Palita, Anathan P. Shanmugam, Debabrata Panda, and Ramasubramanian Vaidhyanathan)

Freshwater Fisheries Harvest Replacement Estimates (Land and Water) for Protein and the Micronutrients Contribution in the Lower Mekong River Basin and Related Countries (David Lymer, Felix Teillard, Carolyn Opio, and Devin M. Bartley)

Drivers and Synergies Theme:

Drivers and Synergies in the Management of Inland Fisheries: Searching for Sustainable Solutions (Abigail J. Lynch, T. Douglas Beard, Jr., Anthony Cox, Ziga Zarnic, Sui C. Phang, Caroline C. Arantes, Randell Brummett, Joppe f. Cramwinckel, Line J. Gordon, Md. Akbal Husen, Jiashou Liu, Phú Hòa Nguyen, and Patrick K. Safari)

Rehabilitating Fishes of the Murray–Darling Basin, Australia: Politics and People, Successes and Failures (John D. Koehn)

Review of the Decline in Freshwater Natural Resources and Future of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture: Threatened Livelihood and Food Security in Indus Valley, Pakistan (Muhammad Naeem Khan)

Drivers of Caribbean Freshwater Ecosystems and Fisheries (Thomas J. Kwak, Augustin C. Engman, Jesse R. Fischer, and Craig G. Lilyestrom)

Improving Rural Livelihoods through a Sustainable Integrated Fish: Crop Production in Limpopo Province, South Africa (Jacky Phosa)

Capture Fishery in Relation to Nile Tilapia Management in the Mountainous Lakes of Pokhara Valley, Nepal (Md. Akbal Husen, Subodh Sharma, Jay Dev Bista, Surendra Prasad, and Agni Nepal)

Policy and Governance Theme:

Moving Towards Effective Governance of Fisheries and Freshwater Resources (Devin M. Bartley, Nancy J. Leonard, So-Jung Youn, William W. Taylor, Claudio Baigún, Chris Barlow, John Fazio, Carlos Fuentevilla, Jay Johnson, Bakary Kone, Kristin Meira, Rebecca Metzner, Paul Onyango, Dmitry Pavlov, Betsy Riley, Jim Ruff, Pauline Terbasket, and John Valbo-Jørgensen)

Conflicting Agendas in the Mekong River: Mainstream Hydropower Development and Sustainable Fisheries (Chris Barlow)

How to Transmit Information and Maintain Knowledge in the Context of Global Change for French Inland Commercial Fishers (Philippe Boisneau, Nicolas Stolzenberg, Patrick Prouzet, and Didier Moreau)

Fisheries Governance in the 21st Century: Barriers and Opportunities in South American Large Rivers (Claudio Baigún, Trilce Castillo, and Priscilla Minotti)

Recreational Fishing and Traditional Management in Indigenous Amazonia (Camila Sobral Barra)

Integrated Swamp Management to Promote Sustainability of Fish Resources: Case Study in Pampangan District, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia (Dina Muthmainnah and Budi Iskandar Prisantoso)

Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries and Aquaculture in Southern Lake Malawi: Key Challenges during the Planning Stage (Friday Njaya)

The Prospect for Regional Governance of Inland Fisheries in Central Eurasia (Norman A. Graham)


From Ideas to Action: Ten Steps to Responsible Inland Fisheries that Support Livelihoods, Food Security, and Healthy Aquatic Ecosystems (Steven J. Cooke, Devin M. Bartley, T. Douglas Beard, Ian G. Cowx, Chris I. Goddard, Carlos Fuentevilla, Nancy J. Leonard, Abigail J. Lynch, Kai Lorenzen, and William W. Taylor)

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Complete book (hard copy), Complete book (PDF download), front matter, 01 Inland Fish and Fisheries, 02 Inland Fisheries, Past, Present, 03 Water Governance and Management, 04 Using Tribal Fishing Rights, 05 Freshwater Fish in the Food Basket, 06 Assessment of Inland Fisheries, 07 A Global Estimate, 08 In the Frame, 09 Biological Assessment, 10 Assessing Inland Fisheries, 11 The Underappreciated Livelihood, 12 How National Household Consumption, 13 The Value of Tanzania Fisheries, 14 Economic and Social Analysis, 15 Livelihood and Poverty, 16 Freshwater Fisheries Harvest, 17 Drivers and Synergies, 18 Rehabilitating Fishes, 19 Review of the Decline, 20 Drivers of Caribbean Freshwater, 21 Improving Rural Livelihoods, 22 Capture Fishery, 23 Moving Towards Effective Governance, 24 Conflicting Agendas, 25 How to Transmit Information, 26 Fisheries Governance, 27 Recreational Fishing, 28 Integrated Swamp Management, 29 Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries, 30 The Prospect for Regional Governance, 31 From Ideas to Action