Mangroves as Fish Habitat


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Karen J. Murchie and Pedram P. Daneshgar, editors

148 pages, paper

Published by the American Fisheries Society, July 2015

ISBN-13: 978-1-934874-42-4


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With the continuing destruction of mangrove forests world-wide, their importance to fish populations by providing habitat connectivity, nursery grounds and trophic function is a rapidly expanding research area, and one that is increasingly at the focus of many coastal conservation issues. Based on papers and extended abstracts presented at the 2nd International Symposium on Mangroves as Fish Habitat in 2014, this timely book provides an updated look at mangrove fishery linkages, community ecology and connectivity, ecological services of mangroves, potential impacts from climate change, as well as mangrove restoration success stories.

This volume will provide scientists, policy-makers, educators, and students with a current, concise volume on this topic, providing much needed direction for future efforts.


Mangrove–Fishery Linkages:

The Current State of Knowledge on Mangrove Fishery Values (James Hutchison, Philine zu Ermgassen, and Mark Spalding)

Building an Expert-Judgment-Based Model of Mangrove Fisheries (James Hutchison, David P. Philipp, Julie E. Claussen, Octavio Aburto-Oropeza, Mauricio Carrasquilla-Henao, Gustavo A. Castellanos-Galindo, Matthew T. Costa, Pedram D. Daneshgar, Hans J. Hartmann, Francis Juanes, Muhammed Naeem Khan, Lindy Knowles, Eric Knudsen, Shing Yip Lee, Karen J. Murchie, John Tiedemann, Philine zu Ermgassen, and Mark Spalding)

Recreational Fisheries as Conservation Tools for Mangrove Habitats (Aaron J. Adams and Karen J. Murchie)

A Preliminary Assessment of Caribbean Reef Fish Abundance in Relation to Mangrove Forest Area [Extended Abstract] (Joseph E. Serafy, Geoffrey S. Shideler, and Rafael J. Araújo)

Review of the Decline of Artisanal Fisheries along the Arabian Sea Coast, Pakistan [Extended Abstract] (Muhammad Naeem Khan)

Community Ecology and Connectivity:

Fish Community and Habitat Assessments of Three Adjacent Tidal Creeks on Cape Eleuthera, The Bahamas (Karen J. Murchie, Sascha Clark Danylchuk, Andy J. Danylchuk, and Steven J. Cooke)

The Conservation Implications of Spatial and Tidal Variability in the Use of Bahamian Tidal Mangrove Creeks by Transient Predatory Fishes [Extended Abstract] (Brendan Talwar, Alastair R. Harborne, and Edward J. Brooks)

Ecological Services of Mangroves:

Secondary Productivity of Mollusks in Mangrove Estuaries of Ensenada de La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico (Esteban F. Félix-Pico, Mauricio Ramírez-Rodríguez, and Jorge A. López-Rocha)

Carbon Sequestration of Dwarf Red Mangrove in The Bahamas (Chelsea R. Barreto, Pedram P. Daneshgar, and John A. Tiedemann)

Effects of an Episodic Drought on a Floodplain Subsidy Consumed by Mangrove River Fishes [Extended Abstract] (Ross E. Boucek and Jennifer S. Rehage)

Mangrove Habitat Use by Resident versus Migrant Sport Fishes in the Coastal Everglades [Extended Abstract] (Jennifer S. Rehage, Ross E. Boucek, and Jessica A. Lee)

Processes Affecting Movement and Survival of a Juvenile Fish in Mangrove Creeks [Extended Abstract] (Andrew B. Barbour and Aaron J. Adams)

Potential Impacts from Global Climate Change and Other Disturbances:

Sea level Rise Impacts on a Mangrove Ecosystem In Indaramayu, West Java: Implications on Mitigation and Adaptation [Extended Abstract] (Agustinus M. Samosir, Sulistio Sulistiono, and Matt F. Rahardjo)

Mangrove Restoration Success Stories:

Colonization of Robinson Preserve: An Evaluation of Restoration Efforts in an Estuary in Tampa Bay, Florida [Extended Abstract] (Amanda Croteau)

Ichthyoplankton and Meroplankton Community Composition of a Restored Mangrove and Salt Marsh Aquatic Preserve in Tampa Bay, Florida [Extended Abstract] (Amanda Croteau)