Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners Program
For organizations closely linked to AFS to be engaged in the programming and mission of AFS.  To sign up for the Strategic Partners Program, the application form can be found here.


  • Strengthen the existing institutional membership offerings by allowing organizations to contribute as partners. This approach will provide a channel of knowledge sharing, problem solving, and financial resources for AFS and its partners.
  • AFS hopes this pathway will strengthen our relationship with many of the organizations—government, academic, and corporate—that share in or benefit from the work of AFS and our members.
  • In establishing the Partners Advisory Council, AFS will also eliminate the confusion surrounding access to benefits for those organizations in the Associate, Official, and Sustaining memberships.

About Strategic Partners
Partnerships are critical to helping AFS achieve its mission. The programs and priorities important to AFS are possible because of the contributions of expertise, money, and time from our members and partners. The new Strategic Partners options completely replace the existing Associate, Official, and Sustaining options and provide a single framework that employs all of the benefits that a relationship with AFS can confer to these members. It also creates an important pathway for these members to engage with AFS leadership.

The challenge of creating a Strategic Partners program is to develop a suite of options that responds to the needs of different potential members. AFS has the following categories of partners: Federal and state agencies, universities, tribal, NGO, and private industry and trade groups. Creating individual partnership options at multiple levels for each of these categories would create a confusing set of options and be difficult to track. Rather, we are proposing a simple three-tiered approach.

AFS Strategic Partners Program from American Fisheries Society on Vimeo.

About the Partners Advisory Council
Partners Advisory Council offers the opportunity for representatives of Strategic Partners to join AFS Leadership at a series of events held throughout the year. The goal of this program is to convene leaders from our field in an effort to identify challenges and ignite solutions. Partner Advisory Council Membership is limited to Strategic Partner organizations.

Meet Our Strategic Partners