Biology and Management of Inland Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass


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James S. Bulak, Charles C. Coutant, and James A. Rice, editors.

588 pages, hardcover, index

Symposium 80

Published by the American Fisheries Society, May 2013

ISBN: 978-1-934874-36-3



The book provides a first-ever, comprehensive overview of the biology and management of striped bass and hybrid striped bass in the inland waters of the United States.

The book’s 34 chapters are divided into nine major sections: History, Habitat, Growth and Condition, Population and Harvest Evaluation, Stocking Evaluations, Natural Reproduction, Harvest Regulations, Conflicts, and Economics. A concluding chapter discusses challenges and opportunities currently facing these fisheries.

This compendium will serve as a single source reference for those who manage or are interested in inland striped bass or hybrid striped bass fisheries. Fishery managers and students will benefit from this up-to-date overview of priority topics and techniques. Serious anglers will benefit from the extensive information on the biology and behavior of these popular sport fishes.



1. A Brief History of Inland Striped Bass Management (Scott L. Van Horn)

2. History of Striped Bass Management in the Colorado River (Wayne Gustaveson and Georg Blommer)

3. Restoration of Gulf Striped Bass: Lessons and Management Implications (Eric A. Long, Charles L. Mesing, Karen J. Herrington, Robert R. Weller, and Isaac I. Wirgin)


4. When Is Habitat Limiting for Striped Bass? Three Decades of Testing the Temperature–Oxygen Squeeze Hypothesis (Charles C. Coutant)

5. The Relative Influence of Thermal Experience and Forage Availability on Growth of Age 1–5 Striped Bass in Two Southeastern Reservoirs (Jessica S. Thompson and James A. Rice)

6. The Role of Metalimnetic Hypoxia in Striped Bass Summer Kills: Consequences and Management Implications (James A. Rice, Jessica S. Thompson, Jamie A. Sykes, and Christian T. Waters)

7. Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Habitat Use by Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass in Claytor Lake, Virginia (John M. Kilpatrick and John J. Ney)

8. Water Quality Modeling as a Management Tool for Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass (Richard J. Ruane, Gary E. Hauser, and Andrew F. Sawyer)

9. Response of Summer Habitat for Striped Bass in Lake Greenwood, South Carolina to Weather and Phosphorus Loading (Barbara E. Taylor, James S. Bulak, and Henry N. McKellar)

10. Oxygen Diffusers to Create and Maintain Summer Fish Habitat (Mark Mobley, Ed Shallenberger, Marc W. Beutel, Paul Gantzer, and Brian Sak)

Growth and Condition

11. Comparisons of Reservoir Characteristics with Striped Bass Growth and Relative Weight in the Southeastern United States (Daniel M. Wilson, Victor J. DiCenzo, and John Odenkirk)

12. Comparisons of Growth for Hybrid Striped Bass in North America (Randall D. Schultz, Andy L. Fowler, Jason M. Goeckler, and Michael C. Quist)

13. Comparative Ecology of Juvenile Striped Bass and Juvenile Hybrid Striped Bass in Claytor Lake, Virginia (Jacob M. Rash and John J. Ney)

Population and Harvest Evaluation

14. Tagging Methods for Estimating Population Size and Mortality Rates of Inland Striped Bass Populations (Joseph E. Hightower and Kenneth H. Pollock)

15. Evaluation of the Use of Gill Nets for Monitoring Reservoir Striped Bass Fisheries (Brian J. McRae, James S. Bulak, Barbara E. Taylor, and Christian T. Waters)

16. Estimating Abundance of Adult Striped Bass in Reservoirs Using Mobile Hydroacoustics (Joseph E. Hightower, J. Christopher Taylor, and Donald J. Degan)

17. Options for Estimating Striped Bass Catch and Harvest: Effectiveness of Creel Surveys (J. Warren Schlechte, Nathan G. Smith, and John B. Taylor)

18. Evaluation and Management of Hybrid Striped Bass in Monroe Lake, Indiana (Kevin J. Hoffman, Dave S. Kittaka, and Brian M. Schoenung)

19. Utilizing Anglers to Improve Striped Bass Management (Daniel M. Wilson)

20. Population Models for Assessment and Management of Inland Striped Bass Fisheries (Micheal S. Allen and Daniel Gwinn)

Stocking Evaluations

21. Biotic and Abiotic Determinants of Stocking Success for Striped Bass in Inland Waters (Trent M. Sutton, Daniel M. Wilson, and John J. Ney)

22. Survey of Transportation Practices for Striped Bass and Striped Bass Hybrids (David L. Yow, Brian J. McRae, Douglas A. Besler, and Winthrop E. Taylor)

23. Use of Genetic Microsatellite Markers to Identify Factors Affecting Stocking Success in Striped Bass (Tanya L. Darden, Forrest Sessions, and Michael R. Denson)

Natural Reproduction

24. Natural Reproduction: How It Has Affected Striped Bass Management of John H. Kerr and Santee–Cooper Reservoirs and Lake Texoma (Scott D. Lamprecht, Matt D. Mauck, and Victor J. DiCenzo)

25. Striped Bass Dispersion and Effects on Fisheries Management in Lakes Mohave and Pleasant, Colorado River Basin (William T. Stewart and Mike Burrell)

Harvest Regulations

26. Regulation of Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass Fisheries in the United States (William R. Collier, Phillip W. Bettoli, George D. Scholten, and Timothy N. Churchill)

27. Size-Based Mortality Caps as Thresholds for Managing Hybrid Striped Bass in Kansas Reservoirs (Randall D. Schultz, Jason M. Goeckler, and Michael C. Quist)

28. Catch-and-Release Mortality of Inland Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass (Jason M. Bettinger and Gene R. Wilde)


29. Interactions between Striped Bass and Other Game Fish in Reservoirs (Leandro E. Miranda and Scott W. Raborn)

30. Managing User Conflicts on Reservoirs Supporting Striped Bass or Hybrid Striped Bass Fisheries (Steve L. McMullin)

31. Releasing Hybrid Morone in Natural Waters with Congeneric Species: Implications and Ethics (Reginal M. Harrell)


32. Economics of Recreational Fisheries for Inland Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass (John C. Whitehead)

33. Economic Analysis of Fish Consumption Advisories (Paul M. Jakus)

Challenges and Opportunities

34. Challenges and Opportunities in Studying and Managing Striped Bass and Its Hybrids in the 21st Century (Phillip W. Bettoli)