The Angler in the Environment: Social, Economic, Biological, and Ethical Dimensions


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T. Douglas Beard, Robert Arlinghaus, and Stephen G. Sutton, editors

365 pages, Symposium 75

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: July 2011

ISBN: 978-1-934874-24-0



Based on papers presented at the 5th World Recreational Fishing Conference, this timely book focuses on the interactions between recreational anglers and the aquatic environment. Among the many emerging issues covered in the book are the consequences of various fishing rights for sustainable recreational fisheries; partnership approaches among the recreational fishing industry, managers, and researchers for solving sustainability challenges; biological impacts of recreational fisheries; the ethics of the sport; and innovative survey methods for assessing recreational fisheries.

This volume will appeal to anyone interested in recreational fisheries management and policy.


Introduction (Jason Schratwieser, Stephen G. Sutton, and Robert Arlinghaus)


A Property Rights-Based View on Management of Inland Recreational Fisheries: Contrasting Common and Public Fishing Rights Regimes in Germany and the United States (Katrin Daedlow, T. Douglas Beard, Jr., and Robert Arlinghaus)

Marine Recreational Fishermen and Oceans Governance (J. Michael Nussman, Gilbert C. Radonski, and Andrew J. Loftus)

Social Management Tools and Issues

Opinions of Fisheries Researchers, Managers, and Anglers towards Recreational Fishing Issues: An Exploratory Analysis for North America (Caleb T. Hasler, Alison H. Colotelo, Tobias Rapp, Elizabeth Jamieson, Karyne Bellehumeur, Robert Arlinghaus, and Steven J. Cooke)

FishSmart: Harnessing the Knowledge of Stakeholders to Enhance U.S. Marine Recreational Fisheries with Application to the Atlantic King Mackerel Fishery (Thomas F. Ihde, Michael J. Wilberg, David H. Secor, and Thomas J. Miller)

Involving Recreational Anglers in Developing Best Handling Practices for Catch-and-Release Fishing of Bonefish: Using Citizen Science to Further Stewardship (Andy J. Danylchuk, Steven J. Cooke, Cori D. Suski, Tony L. Goldberg, David Petersen, and Sascha E. Danylchuk)

Interaction between Recreational and Commercial Fisheries: The Importance of Social Capital in Stakeholder Agreements. A Case Study from New Zealand’s Billfish Fishery (John C. Holdsworth and Kim A. R. Walshe)

Perceived Benefits and Costs of Recreational-Only Fishing Areas to the Recreational and Commercial Estuarine Fishery within North Queensland (Renae C. Tobin and Stephen G. Sutton)

Biological Management Tools and Issues

Determinants of Hooking Mortality in Freshwater Recreational Fisheries: A Quantitative Meta-Analysis (Daniel Hühn and Robert Arlinghaus)

Injury Frequency for Discarded Summer Flounder in the Recreational Fishery of the Mid-Atlantic Bight: Influence of Landing Size Regulations (Eric N. Powell, Eleanor A. Bochenek, John DePersenaire, and Sarah E. King)

Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo Is Threatening Fish Populations and Sustainable Fishing in Europe (Werner Steffens)

Effects of Local Climate on Fisheries in Central Queensland, Australia: A Guide to the Impacts of Climate Change (William Sawynok and John R. Platten)


Five Ethical Challenges to Recreational Fishing: What They Are and What They Mean (Robert Arlinghaus and Alexander Schwab)

Fishing Culture, Animal Policy, and New Governance: A Case Study of Voluntary Catch-and-Release Fishing in Finland (Pekka Salmi and Outi Ratamäki)

Development of an Environmental Standard for Recreational Fishing Tournaments (Ben K. Diggles, William Sawynok, and Leonard J. H. Olyott)

Survey Methods and Monitoring

Exploring National Marine Fisheries Service Survey Methodologies for Collecting Recreational Angler Expenditure Data (Brad Gentner)

Collecting Economic Data from the For-Hire Fishing Sector: Lessons from a Cost and Earnings Survey of the Southeast U.S. Charter Boat Industry (Christopher Liese and David W. Carter)

Introducing Marine Charter Vessel Registration and Reporting Requirements in New Zealand: Securing Charter Operators’ Support for the Improved Management of Shared Fisheries (Edwin J. Massey)

Fishing for Today and Tomorrow: Recreational Fisheries Monitoring in Queensland, Australia (Leonard J. H. Olyott, Edward Jebreen, Jonathan Staunton Smith, and Stephen Taylor)

A Telephone-Diary-Mail Approach to Survey Recreational Fisheries on Large Geographic Scales, with a Note on Annual Landings Estimates by Anglers in Northern Germany (Malte Dorow and Robert Arlinghaus)

Indicative Value of Anglers’ Records for Fish Assemblage Evaluation in a Reservoir (Case Study Brno Reservoir Czech Republic) (Zdenek Adámek and Pavel Jurajda)

Status of Recreational Saltwater Fishing in Florida: Characterization of License Sales, Participation, and Fishing Effort (Chad W. Hanson and Beverly Sauls)