Lessons in Leadership: Integrating Courage, Vision, and Innovation for the Future of Sustainable Fisheries


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Edited by William Taylor, Andrew Carlson, Abigail Bennett, and C. Paola Ferreri.
418 pages, paper
ISBN: 978-1-934874-60-8
Published August 2020

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781934874608


Understanding leadership skills is important for professionals in all disciplines. However, much of the leadership literature is written from business and finance perspectives, with comparatively little exploration of leadership in the natural resource professions. The dearth of leadership-related publications is particularly evident in fisheries.

The book is composed of 68 short personal vignettes linked to current and past leadership experiences and visions for the future, written by individuals representing all aspects of fisheries and aquatic resource management.  The vignettes are designed to inspire the next generation of fisheries leaders to lead at all levels of the fisheries profession.  The essays are organized into five general themes, although most integrate several themes at once—leadership skills and tools, courage, vision, relationships and teamwork, and innovation. While many books have been written about leadership, this book is meant to provide insights on understanding what good leadership is and how people become good leaders in the fisheries profession.  The book underscores the difficulties, successes, and common issues that fisheries professionals can expect to face relative to fisheries leadership.

The book will be appreciated by students of fisheries biology, ecology, management, policy, and leadership development, and by fisheries professionals with backgrounds in research, management, policy, advocacy, and industry.


Leadership Skills and Tools

Leaders as Servants: An Approach Contrarian to the Power-Based Model (Charles C. Krueger)

A Productive and Humble Pathway to Leadership Development: Learning from the Best, the Worst, and Personal Refection and Criticism (Steven J. Cooke)

Leadership Is a Lifelong Journey (Ronald J. Essig)

How I Obtained Leadership Skills and Which Were Most Important (Scott A. Bonar)

Is Leadership a Matter of Nature or Nurture? (Joe Margraf)

Leading Is Listening First and Acting with Courage to Follow What You (Tracy Claramunt)

Conceptual Basis for Building Leadership in Inland Fisheries in Developing Countries: What Have We Learned? (Claudio Baigun)

Conservation Leadership: A Case Study from the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, Egypt (Ayman Mabrouk)

Don’t Shout! Instead, Listen (William Rustem)

Six Lessons in Leadership: Experiences of a Fisheries Expert and Academic Leader (Emmanuel Kaunda)

Using Online Learning to Share Fisheries Management Knowledge for the Future of Sustainable Artisanal Fisheries in Africa (Jean André T. Kabré)

The Process of Leadership Development (William Demmer)

Lessons from Leaders: The Difference between Good and Great (T. Douglas Beard, Jr and Abigail J. Lynch)

From Deckhand to Department Chair: My Unplanned Journey to Becoming a Fisheries Leader (Michael Jones)

Words to Live by: Anecdotes and Analogies to Guide Fisheries Folks on Their Professional Journey (Jesse T. Trushenski)


Embracing Leadership—A Personal Reflection (Vanessa Hull)

To Carry the Torch of Honor (Donald C. Jackson)

Five Steps to Finding Your Place in Fisheries (Rebecca M. Krogman)

A Career of Taking a Path Little Taken: The Advantages of Being Opportunistic in Fisheries Science (Gary Whelan)

Stability, Management, and Leadership (Chris I. Goddard and Robert G. Lambe)

Sometimes You Just Decide to Take the Lead (Richard W. Gregory)

The Keys to Perseverance (Kelsey LaMere)

Leadership: A Byproduct of Involvement (Charles (Chuck) C. Coutant)

Fishery Science, Teaching, Leading, and Work–Life Balance (Rose Emma Mamaa Entsua-Mensah)

Leadership Tenets: Be Prepared, Accept the Challenge, Trust in Yourself and Others, and Communicate Clearly (Douglas L. Stang)

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Learning to Let Go (Craig Paukert)

Just Say Yes: Sharing Your Time Builds Your Talents (Barbara A. Knuth)

Swimming and Drifting: Leadership amid Turbulence (Edward H. Allison)

Practicing Leadership with Persistence, Authenticity, and Practice (Sara Hughes)


Leading from the Start (Sonja A. Christensen)

Four Lessons on Vision in Leadership (Thomas G. Coon)

Leadership: It’s Not What You Think (Kenneth Haddad)

Taking the Plunge: Defining Moments and Lessons Learned (Jordan Pusateri Burroughs)

Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, and Development of Your Personal Leadership Style (Steve L. McMullin)

Lessons in Fisheries Leadership from an Unconventional Pathway (Christine Moffitt)

Discover Your Leadership Journey (Amanda G. Guthrie)

Complex Dynamics of Leadership: Global Initiatives by American Fisheries Society Networkers Half a Century Ago (Henry A. Regier)

To Lead or Not to Lead? It’s Mostly up to You (Devin M. Bartley)

Two Decades of “Science without Borders” to Rescue Coral Reefs (Mohamed Faisal)

Being a Professional: What to Expect (Stan Moberly)

Leadership for Generalists (Titus Seilheimer)

Leadership Lessons: Past, Present, and Future (Quinton Phelps)

A Few Kernels of Wisdom from my Cache about Living a Life of Meaning through Example, Inspiration, and Service (Tom Lang)

A Meandering River Still Reaches the Sea (Amy Fingerle)

Relationships and Teamwork

It’s the Little Things that Count (Daniel Hayes and Jason Smith)

Relationships: The Game Changer for Increasing Your Leadership Potential and Achieving Success (Molly J. Good, William W. Taylor, Jim Martin, and Sara Faverman)

The Role of Good Communication in a Successful Career (Stan Allen and George Nandor)

Transparency, the Clear Window of Leadership (Larry A. Nielsen)

How Does a Teenage Commercial Fisherman Climb the Ladder to Lead the American Fisheries Society? (Kenneth L. Beal)

An Unlikely Leader (William L. Fisher)

Stopping Narcissists from Spreading Strife in Your Team (Nancy J. Leonard)

Conservation Is a Team Sport (Katrina Liebich)

A Lesson from the Stream: A Personal Reflection on Understanding the Them versus Me Identity Associated with Backgrounds, Race, Training, and Talent (Stacy A. C. Nelson)

The Importance of Respecting Culture, Practicing Inclusivity, and Enabling Participation When Leading Diverse Teams in Southern Africa (Olaf L. F. Weyl)

Lifting Each Other Up and Building Leaders through Mentorship (Chiara Zaccarino-Crowe)

From Crossing a Stream to Designing Stream Crossings: Leadership Lessons from the Mountains and the Meeting Room (Leanne H. Roulson)

Elements of Leadership: Things I Learned as a Naval Officer, Lobbyist, and Fly-Fishing Guide (Tom Sadler)

Leadership Wears Many Hats but Always Involves People (Vivian M. Nguyen)

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten from Mentoring (Hanna Kruckman and Jessica Mistak)

Being Led and Leading in Science and Life: An Index of Mentor Quality (Thomas J. Kwak)


Covey Lunches and Birthday Cakes: The Leadership of Instilling Values and Trust (William F. Porter)

Taking Risks: My Nonstrategic Strategy for Personal Growth (Dana M. Infante)

Systems Integration for Untangling Complex Human–Nature Interactions (Jianguo Liu)

Rethinking Fisheries Leadership: Working with and from within Indigenous Communities (Andrea J. Reid, Lauren E. Eckert, and Dalal E. L. Hanna)

Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Fisheries (So-Jung Youn, Brooke E. Penaluna, and Sui Chian Phang)

Trust Me on This One (Shawn J. Riley)

Servant Leadership and the 20/60/20 Rule (Mark Rey)

Giving Leadership Rather than Taking It (Dan Decker)

Leadership in Action: Lessons from a Multistate Fisheries Collaboration (Andrew K. Carlson, William W. Taylor, Dennis R. DeVries, Melissa R. Wuellner, and Michael T. Kinnison)

Summary (Andrew K. Carlson, Abigail Bennett, William W. Taylor, and C. Paola Ferreri)

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