Reflections on Forest Management: Can Fish and Fiber Coexist?


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Edited by Robert J. Danehy, C. Andrew Dolloff, and Gordon H. Reeves



464 pages, paperback

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Published 2022


Forests support fish. Forests provide commodities. Since the removal and replacement of much of the indigenous forests in North America during the 200+ year wave of European settlement, many aquatic species historically dependent on forests have experienced profound changes in abundance, distribution, and in some cases viability. In this volume, we present the modern history of forest exploitation and management from the early days of forest clearing to support frontier lifestyles and development of industries hungry for all types of forest products, including lumber, fuels, and naval stores, to the emergence of the sophisticated global industry of today. Chapters review and describe the interactions of fish and other aquatic biota with forest management, including impacts of forest management to fish communities, unique impacts on migratory fishes, and impacts on other biota, including rare taxa.

The development of forestry best management practices (BMPs) is presented from different perspectives and regions of North America, and several chapters highlight the role and efficacy of BMPs in supporting aquatic biota. The promise of
BMPs as stewardship measures to make a difference in the sustainability and recovery of imperiled aquatic taxa is examined and evaluated.

Reflections is intended as a reference for aquatic biologists, foresters, and other natural resource specialists and as source
material for anyone interested in exploring the evolution of the complex relationship of forest management to aquatic biota.


vii Foreword
ix Symbols and Abbreviations

1 | Fish and Fiber in an Age of Change: A Historical Perspective from the Pacific Northwest, USA
Peter A. Bisson

23 | Forests and Aquatic Biota in Forested Watersheds of the Southeastern United States
C. Andrew Dolloff

55 | Forest Use and Forest Practices in the United States: Past, Present, and Future
Terrance W. Cundy, John D. Stednick, and George G. Ice

99 | Current Streamside Forest Management Effects on Aquatic Habitat and Fish
John S. Richardson, R. Dan Moore, C. Rhett Jackson, and David P. Kreutzweiser

143 | Current Forest Management Impacts on Aquatic Habitat and Fish
Charles H. Luce and Robert J. Danehy

189 | Region-Specific Interactions of Forests and Fish in North America
Robert J. Danehy, Keith H. Nislow, C. Andrew Dolloff, Brooke Warrington, Raymond Newman, Charles R. Blinn, Bruce Vondracek, Robert W. Mackereth, Michael K. Young, Jason K. Walter, Peter A. Bisson, Douglas J. Martin, and Margaret A. Wilzbach

245 | Determining the Effectiveness of Contemporary Forestry Best Management Practices: Illustrative Case Studies
C. Rhett Jackson, George G. Ice, Terrance W. Cundy, Peter J. Tschaplinski, Douglas J. Martin, Jeremiah D. Groom, and William J. Ehinger

279 | Beyond Best Management Practices
Deanna H. Olson, Ashley A. Coble, and Jessica A. Homyack

327 | Influence of Forest Practices on Fish and Their Food Webs
Kyle J. Hartman and Michael D. Kaller

367 | Forest Management and Freshwater Biological Diversity: Beyond Charismatic Species
John S. Richardson and Robert J. Danehy

395 | Environmental Regulation in Temporally Dynamic and Spatially Variable Watershed Environments: Implications for Forest Management
Gordon H. Reeves, Lee E. Benda, Stephen Levesque, Kenneth W. Cummins, and Robert Ziemer

417 | Future of Aquatic Habitats in Managed Forests
Robert E. Bilby and Jami E. Nettles

439 | Synthesis: Can Fish and Fiber Coexist?
Robert J. Danehy and C. Andrew Dolloff



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Complete Book (hard copy), Complete Book (PDF), Front Matter, 01 Fish and Fiber in an Age of Change, 02 Forests and Aquatic Biota in Forested, 03 Forest Use and Forest Practices, 04 Current Streamside Forest Management, 05 Current Forest Management Impacts, 06 Region-Specific Interactions, 07 Determining the Effectiveness, 08 Beyond Best Management Practices, 09 Influence of Forest Practices on Fish, 10 Forest Management and Freshwater, 11 Environmental Regulation in Temporally, 12 Future of Aquatic Habitats, 13 Synthesis