Oneida Lake: Long-term Dynamics of a Managed Ecosystem and Its Fishery


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Lars G. Rudstam, Edward L. Mills, James R. Jackson, and Donald J. Stewart, editors

541 pages, paper

Published by the American Fisheries Society, February 2016

ISBN-13: 978-1-934874-43-1


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Studies on the fish populations, fisheries, and limnology of Oneida Lake, NY started in the late 1950s at the Cornell University Biological Field Station.  Early research concentrated on Walleye, Yellow Perch, and their interactions but was soon expanded to include interactions with the lake ecosystem, an early example of the ecosystem approach. Research on Oneida Lake has continued for 60 years and the resulting data series that couples fish ecology and limnology is one of the best available anywhere.

In this book, collaborators worldwide have contributed insights into the functioning of the lake’s ecology and fisheries, and by extension to the functioning of similar freshwater lakes elsewhere.  The book is divided in three sections.  The first set of chapters provides an historical and landscape context to the studies, the second set analyzes the long-term data, and the third set uses those data in modeling analyses.


Part I: Introduction

1. An Introduction to the Oneida Lake Research Program and Data Sets (Lars G. Rudstam, Edward L. Mills, James R. Jackson, and Donald J. Stewart)

2. The Early Years of the Cornell Biological Field Station and the Evolution of an Ecological Research Program (JoAnne Getchonis and Edward L. Mills)

Part II: Oneida Lake—Setting the Stage

3. Oneida Lake BC (Before Cornell) (James R. Jackson)

4. Watershed, Climate, and Lake Level Manipulations (Rebecca L. Schneider, Marilyn S. Mayer, and Travis C. Hall)

5. Oneida Lake Anglers and Their Impact on Fisheries Management (Tommy L. Brown, Anthony J. VanDeValk, Les R. Wedge, and Richard T. Colesante)

6. Oneida Lake: A Century of Biotic Introductions and Ecosystem Change (Edward L. Mills, John L. Forney, and Kristen T. Holeck)

Part III: Understanding Ecological Processes through Long-term Studies

7. Nutrient Dynamics and Biogeochemical Cycling in Oneida Lake (Russell L. Cuhel and Carmen Aguilar)

8. Long-term Phytoplankton Community Dynamics: Oneida Lake (1975–2011) (Nasseer Idrisi, Edward L. Mills, and Lars G. Rudstam)

9. The Zebra Mussel Invasion of Oneida Lake: Benthification of a Eutrophic Lake (Christine M. Mayer, Bin Zhu, and Rebecca Cecala)

10. Dynamics of Aquatic Vegetation in Oneida Lake, 1915–2005: a Response to Ecosystem Changes (Dean G. Fitzgerald, Bin Zhu, Edward L. Mills, Lars G. Rudstam, Susan B. Hoskins, David E. Haddad, Nathan R. Burtch, Jeremy T. H. Coleman, and Darran L. Crabtree)

11. Zooplankton in Oneida Lake: Population Dynamics, Trophic Interactions, and Dormant Egg Bank (Carla E. Cáceres, Nelson G. Hairston, Jr., Lars. G. Rudstam,Edward L. Mills, Tom O’Keefe, Lori A. Davias, Christopher Hotaling, and Laura E. Jones)

12. Oligotrophication, Water Clarity, and Ecological Stoichiometry—Evaluating Food Quantity and Quality for Zooplankton in Oneida Lake (Kimberly L. Schulz, Lars G. Rudstam, Xinli Ji, and Kristen T. Holeck)

13. Comparisons of Water Clarity and Climate Warming Effects on Hydrodynamics of Oneida Lake: Applications of a Dynamic Reservoir Model (Bart T. De Stasio, Alan Joice, Kathy Prescott, Gideon Gal, David P. Hamilton, and Lars G. Rudstam)

14. Bridging Trophic Levels through Analysis of Biomass Size Spectra in Oneida Lake, New York (Allison E. Gamble, Russell C. Lloyd, Ora E. Johannsson, and Edward L. Mills)

15. Walleye Functional Response: Implications for the Analysis of Interactions between Walleye and Age-0 Yellow Perch in Oneida Lake (Lars G. Rudstam, John R. Post, and John L. Forney)

16. Walleye and Yellow Perch in Oneida Lake (Lars G. Rudstam, James R. Jackson, Anthony J. VanDeValk, Thomas E. Brooking, William W. Fetzer, Brian J. Irwin, and John L. Forney)

17. The Oneida Lake Fishery: Interactions between Fishing and Fish (Anthony J. VanDeValk, Lars G. Rudstam, James R. Jackson, and Scott D. Krueger)

18. Long-term Trends in the Fish Community of Oneida Lake: Analysis of the Zebra Mussel Invasion (Brian J. Irwin, Lars G. Rudstam, James R. Jackson, Anthony J. VanDeValk, and John L. Forney)

19. Evaluating the Influence of Double-crested Cormorants on Walleye and Yellow Perch Populations in Oneida Lake, New York (Jeremy T. H. Coleman, Robin L. DeBruyne, Lars G. Rudstam, James R. Jackson, Anthony J. VanDeValk, Thomas E. Brooking, Connie M. Adams, and Milo E. Richmond)

Part IV: Models, Synthesis, and Implications for Research and Management

20. Individual-Based Model Analysis of Walleye and Yellow Perch Population Dynamics in Response to Changing Ecosystem Conditions (Edward S. Rutherford and Kenneth A. Rose)

21. Simulating Predator–Prey Dynamics of Walleye and Yellow Perch in Oneida Lake: an Assessment of Multispecies Matrix Projection Models (Shaye E. Sable and Kenneth A. Rose)

22. Growth Parameters as Growth Indices in Time-varying Environments: a Comparison among Four Approaches to Using the von Bertalanffy Growth Function (Ji X. He, Donald J. Stewart, and Lars G. Rudstam)

23. Fish Community Responses to Environmental Perturbations: Comparisons of Oneida Lake with Three Bays of the Great Lakes (Dean G. Fitzgerald, Lars G. Rudstam, John M. Casselman, Brian J. Irwin, David G. Fielder, Tammie J. Paoli, and Clifford E. Kraft)

24. Concluding Remarks: Forecasting the Future of Oneida Lake and Its Fishery in an Era of Climate Change and Biological Invasions (Lars G. Rudstam, James R. Jackson, and Amy L. Hetherington)