Paddlefish: Ecological, Aquacultural, and Regulatory Challenges of Managing a Global Resource


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Jason D. Schooley and Dennis L. Scarnecchia, editors

290 pages, hardcover
Symposium #88
ISBN: 978-1-934874-53-0
Published July 2019


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This multi-authored book with chapters by state, federal, and international agency scientists and academic experts provides an up-to-date review of biology, life history, ecology, genetics, habitat use, and sustainable fisheries management of the North American Paddlefish.

Recent advances in knowledge of life history, migrations and movements, recruitment are included and technological advances in genetics, telemetry, sonar, eDNA, and microchemistry are addressed.  The book includes chapters discussing Paddlefish aquaculture for restoration, supplementation, and commercial production. The scope extends beyond the domestic range of Paddlefish by adding perspectives on global status, including introduction and aquaculture in Europe and Asia. The book also has relevance to people interested in caviar, as well as to those studying and managing sturgeon and other long-lived fish species worldwide.


1 Paddlefish Life History: Advances and Applications in Design of Harvest Management Regulations (Dennis L. Scarnecchia, Jason D. Schooley, K. Michael Backes, Aaron Slominski, Steven Dalbey, and Youngtaik Lim)

2 Genetic Management of North American Paddlefish: Case Studies and Recommendations (Michael R. Schwemm, Allison M. Asher, Edward J. Heist, Thomas F. Turner, and Anthony A. Echelle)

3 Paddlefish Migrations and Movements: A Review of Tagging and Telemetry Studies (Sara J. Tripp, Ben C. Neely, and R. John H. Hoxmeier)

4 Anthropogenic Obstructions to Paddlefish Movement and Migration (Jan Jeffrey Hoover, Paul Bailey, Stephanie R. Januchowski-Hartley, John Lyons, Brenda Pracheil, and Steve Zigler)

5 Factors Affecting Recruitment of Paddlefish: Hypotheses and Comparisons with Sturgeons (Dennis L. Scarnecchia, Jason D. Schooley, Steven O. McAdam, K. Michael Backes, Aaron Slominski, Youngtaik Lim, and David D. Fryda)

6 Applications of Emerging Fisheries Techniques for Paddlefish (Gregory W. Whitledge, Richard F. Lance, James M. Long, Ben C. Neely, and Jason D. Schooley)

7 Cryptic Mortality of Paddlefish (Phillip W. Bettoli, George D. Scholten, and Eric Ganus)

8 Paddlefish Caviar: Trends in Global Value and Genetic Tools to Safeguard Resources (Steven R. Fain)

9 Artificial Propagation of Paddlefish: An Overview of Developments (William L. Shelton, Steven D. Mims, Kenneth J. Semmens, and Rafael Cuevas-Uribe)

10 The Role of Propagation in Paddlefish Restoration and Conservation: A Case Study of the Missouri Paddlefish Propagation Program (Christopher W. Schwinghamer, Quinton E. Phelps, Sara Tripp, Trish Yasger, and Jake Colehour)

11 Distribution and Aquaculture Status of the North American Paddlefish in China (Hong Ji and Yang Li)

12 Paddlefish Recreational Fisheries: State Management of a Migratory Fish with a Complex Identity (Gerald Mestl, Ryan N. Hupfeld, Dennis L. Scarnecchia, Jason Sorensen, and Adam R. Geik)

13 Proactive Harvest Management of Commercial Paddlefish Fisheries (Steven J. Rider, Dennis K. Riecke, and Dennis L. Scarnecchia)

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Complete Book (Hard Copy), Complete Book (PDF Download), Front Matter, 01 Paddlefish Life History, 02 Genetic Management of North American, 03 Paddlefish Migrations and Movements, 04 Anthropogenic Obstructions, 05 Factors Affecting Recruitment, 06 Applications of Emerging Fisheries, 07 Cryptic Mortality of Paddlefish, 08 Paddlefish Caviar, 09 Artificial Propagation of Paddlefish, 10 The Role of Propagation, 11 Distribution and Aquaculture Status, 12 Paddlefish Recreational Fisheries, 13 Proactive Harvest Management