The Behavior and Ecology of Pacific Salmon and Trout, second edition


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Thomas P. Quinn

520 pp, paper, index
ISBN-13: 978-0-295743-33-2
Published September 2018
Published by University of Washington Press in association with American Fisheries Society

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The book combines in-depth scientific information with outstanding photographs and original artwork to fully describe the fish species critical to the Pacific Rim.

This completely revised and updated edition covers all aspects of the life cycle of these remarkable fish in the Pacific: homing migration from the open ocean through coastal waters and up rivers to their breeding grounds; courtship and reproduction; the lives of juvenile salmon and trout in rivers and lakes; migration to the sea; the structure of fish populations; and the importance of fish carcasses to the ecosystem. The book also includes information on salmon and trout transplanted outside their ranges.

In this edition:
• Over 100 beautiful color photographs of salmon and trout
• Updated information on all aspects of the salmon and trout life cycle
• Expanded coverage of trout


1 Introduction

2 Homeward Migration on the Open Ocean

3 Migration in Coastal Waters and Estuaries

4 Upriver Migration and Energetics

5 Homing and Straying

6 Courtship and Reproduction

7 The Ecology of Spawning Salmon and Their Carcasses

8 The Development and Mortality of Embryos

9 Alevin Movements, Emergence, and Fry Migrations

10 Salmon and Trout in Streams

11 Salmon and Trout in Lakes

12 Downstream Migration (or Not)

13 Salmon and Trout in Estuaries

14 Marine Migrations

15 Survival at Sea

16 Feeding and Growth at Sea

17 Age and Size at Maturity

18 Salmon and Trout Transplants

19 The Evolution and Structure of Populations

20 The Abundance and Diversity of Salmon and Trout: Past, Present, Future

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