Standard Methods for Sampling North American Freshwater Fishes


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Scott A. Bonar, Wayne A. Hubert, and David W. Willis, editors

335 pages, hardcover, index

Published by the American Fisheries Society, August 2009

ISBN: 978-1-934874-10-3



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This important reference book provides standard sampling methods recommended by the American Fisheries Society for assessing and monitoring freshwater fish populations in North America. Methods apply to ponds, reservoirs, natural lakes, and streams and rivers containing cold and warmwater fishes. Range-wide and eco-regional averages for indices of abundance, population structure, and condition for individual species are supplied to facilitate comparisons of standard data among populations. Provides information on converting nonstandard to standard data, statistical and database procedures for analyzing and storing standard data, and methods to prevent transfer of invasive species while sampling.

284 biologists and managers from 107 agencies, universities, and businesses contributed to the book as authors, reviewers, or sponsors.


An Introduction to Standardized Sampling (Scott A. Bonar, Salvador Contreras-Balderas, and Alison C. Iles)

Warmwater Fish in Small Standing Waters (Kevin L. Pope, Robert M. Neumann, and Scott D. Bryan)

Warmwater Fish in Large Standing Waters (L. E. (Steve) Miranda and Jeff Boxrucker)

Warmwater Fish in Wadeable Streams (Charles F. Rabeni, John Lyons, Norman Mercado-Silva, and James T. Peterson)

Warmwater Fish in Rivers (Christopher S. Guy, Patrick J. Braaten, David P. Herzog, John Pitlo, and R. Scott Rogers)

Coldwater Fish in Small Standing Waters (Nigel P. Lester, Paul E. Bailey, and Wayne A. Hubert)

Coldwater Fish in Large Standing Waters (David A. Beauchamp, Donna L. Parrish, and Roy A. Whaley)

Coldwater Fish in Wadeable Streams (Jason B. Dunham, Amanda E. Rosenberger, Russell F. Thurow, C. Andrew Dolloff, and Philip J. Howell)

Coldwater Fish in Rivers (R. Allen Curry, Robert M. Hughes, Mark E. McMaster, and
David J. Zafft)

Warmwater and Coldwater Fish in Two-Story Standing Waters (Phaedra Budy, Gary P. Thiede, Chris Luecke, and Roger W. Schneidervin)

Statistical Analysis and Data Management (Michael C. Quist, Kimberly I. Bonvechio, and Micheal S. Allen)

Converting Nonstandard Fish Sampling Data to Standardized Data (James T. Peterson and Craig P. Paukert)

Controlling the Spread of Invasive Species while Sampling (Stewart Jacks, Steve Sharon, Ronald E. Kinnunen, David K. Britton, Doug Jensen, and Scott S. Smith)

Standardizing Electrofishing Power for Boat Electrofishing (L. E. (Steve) Miranda)

Length Frequency, Condition, Growth, and Catch per Effort Indices for Common North American Fishes (Mark J. Brouder, Alison C. Iles, and Scott A. Bonar)

Appendix A: Descriptions of standard North American inland fish sampling
equipment and fish communities for which they are used

Appendix B: Glossary of terms

Appendix C: Conversions commonly used by fisheries biologists


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Complete Book (hard copy), Complete Book (PDF download), Complete Book (ebook) e-pub version, Complete Book (ebook) mobi version, front matter, 01 An Introduction, 02 Warmwater Fish in Small, 03 Warmwater Fish in Large, 04 Warmwater Fish in Wadeable, 05 Warmwater Fish in Rivers, 06 Coldwater Fish in Small, 07 Coldwater Fish in Large, 08 Coldwater Fish in Wadeable, 09 Coldwater Fish in Rivers, 10 Warmwater and Coldwater, 11 Statistical Analysis, 12 Converting Nonstandard, 13 Controlling the Spread, 14 Standardizing Electrofishing, 15 Length Frequency, appendix A, appendix B, appendix C, index