Invasive Asian Carps in North America


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Duane C. Chapman and Michael H. Hoff, editors

265 pages

Published by the American Fisheries Society, AFS Symposium 74

Publication date: June 2011

ISBN: 978-1-934874-23-3



Grass carp, black carp, bighead carp, and silver carp are native to Asia, and in North America are referred to as Asian carps. These fishes have been popular aquaculture species for more than a thousand years. After their importation to the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, all of these species have escaped confinement. There is concern about the ecological and economic damage consequences of introducing these environmental engineers into North America.

This book examines the history, biology, and status of Asian carps, and reviews current research on control measures.  Explores the factors influencing recruitment and spread of Asian carps, considers current research on habitat requirements of bigheaded carps, analyzes data on diet overlap and potential competition between bigheaded carps and native fishes, and examines the use of pheromones as controls for Asian carps.


Introduction (Duane C. Chapman and Michael H. Hoff)

Management Implications from a Stock-Recruit Model for Bighead Carp in Portions of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers (Michael H. Hoff, Mark A. Pegg, and Kevin S. Irons)

Assessing the Biological Risk of Asian Carps to Canada (Becky Cudmore and Nicholas E. Mandrak)

Bigheaded Carp Invasion of the La Grange Reach of the Illinois River: Insights from the Long Term Resource Monitoring Program  (Kevin S. Irons, Greg G. Sass, Michael A. McClelland, and T. Matt OHara)

Occurrence and Predicted Dispersal of Bighead Carp in the Mississippi River System: Development of a Heuristic Tool (Martin T. OConnell, Ann U. OConnell, and Valerie A. Barko)

Alternative Methods to Use of Black Carp for Snail Control in Aquaculture Ponds (Anita M. Kelly)

The Black Carp in North America: An Update (Leo G. Nico and Howard L. Jelks)

Use of Stable Isotopes and Mercury to Assess Trophic Positions of Black Carp and Other Large Fishes in the Red Atchafalaya River System, Louisiana, USA (Leo G. Nico, Amanda Demopoulos, Daniel Gualtieri, and Carla Wieser)

The Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal Aquatic Nuisance Species Dispersal Barrier (Philip B. Moy, Irwin Polls, and John M. Dettmers)

Evaluation of an Electric Fish Dispersal Barrier in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (Richard E. Sparks, Traci L. Barkley, Sara M. Creque, John M. Dettmers, and Karen M. Stainbrook)

History of Introductions and Governmental Involvement in Promoting the Use of Grass, Silver, and Bighead Carps (Anita M. Kelly, Carole R. Engle, Michael L. Armstrong, Mike Freeze, and Andrew J. Mitchell)

Regulations as a Tool in Asian Carp Management (Jerry L. Rasmussen)

Comprehensive Plan for Increasing Effectiveness of Bighead and Silver Carp Outreach (Patrice M. Charlebois and Kristin M. TePas)

Evaluation of Environmental Contaminants and Elements in Bigheaded Carps of the Missouri River at Easley, Missouri, USA (Carl E. Orazio, Duane C. Chapman, Thomas W. May, John C. Meadows, Michael J. Walther, Kathy R. Echols, Joseph E. Deters, and Ellen S. Dierenfeld)

Fright Reaction and Avoidance Induced by Exposure to Conspecific Skin Extracts in Invasive Bighead and Silver Carps (Edward E. Little, Robin D. Calfee, David L. Fabacher, and Laura Sanders)

A Theoretical Strategy for Eradication of Asian Carps Using a Trojan Y Chromosome to Shift the Sex Ratio of the Population (John L. Teem and Juan B. Gutierrez)

Occurrence and Distribution of Asian Carps in Louisiana (R. Glenn Thomas, Jill A. Jenkins, and Jody David)

Verification of Ploidy and Reproductive Potential in Triploid Black Carp and Grass Carp (Diana M. Papoulias, James Candrl, Jill A. Jenkins, and Donald E. Tillitt)