Standing and Special Committees are essential to help conduct the Society's affairs.

Committees are a volunteer-driven component of the American Fisheries Society, composed of only a few members with a special interest and enthusiasm for a project. Members are welcome to volunteer on any committee at any time! Although Committees are not technically “Units” like Chapters or Sections, they are absolutely essential components of the American Fisheries Society. Standing Committees are defined in the AFS Procedures and exist long-term to address long-term challenges or recurring business. Special Committees are typically short-term and exist ad hoc to address special issues not included in the AFS Procedures.

Committees are typically led by one or two Committee Chairs, who oversee the work being done. Committee Chairs are oftentimes the best person to contact if you have questions regarding the committee’s work.

Any member of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) is welcome to serve on AFS Committees.