Foundations of Fisheries Science


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Greg G. Sass and Micheal S. Allen, editors

801 pages, hardcover

Published by the American Fisheries Society, May 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1-934874-37-0

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Foundations of Fisheries Science highlights the classic and critical works associated with fisheries management. With input from fisheries professionals and students from around the world, the editors selected 43 full-text articles along with 30 “honorable mention” citations (with associated abstracts) that have helped to mold the discipline of fisheries science. The selected articles were represented by 21 journals, ranging in discipline from fisheries, ecology, human dimensions, and others.

The book is organized into five sections which represent the critical components of fisheries (fish, humans, habitat) and the most common management approaches (regulations, stocking, habitat protection/restoration):
Section 1. Managing Fish Stocks
Section 2. Managing People
Section 3. Managing Fish Habitat
Section 4. Managing Fish Communities and Ecosystems
Section 5. Managing Fisheries Enhancements

Section editors provide insightful commentaries highlighting and summarizing the articles presented in each section.

Foundations of Fisheries Science can be used as a reference, or as a textbook to lead undergraduate and graduate courses and discussions.


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Introduction (Greg G. Sass and Micheal S. Allen)

SECTION 1 Managing Fish Stocks (Carl J. Walters)
Reprinted Articles:

On the Question of the Biological Basis of Fisheries (Th. I. Baranoff)

An Epitaph for the Concept of Maximum Sustained Yield (P. A. Larkin)

Maximum Reproductive Rate of Fish at Low Population Sizes (Ransom A. Myers, Keith G. Bowen, and Nicholas J. Barrowman)

Canada’s Recreational Fisheries: the Invisible Collapse? (John R. Post, Michael Sullivan, Sean Cox, Nigel P. Lester, Carl J. Walters, Eric A. Parkinson, Andrew J. Paul, Leyland Jackson, and Brian J. Shuter)

Stock and Recruitment (W. E. Ricker)

Big Effects from Small Causes: Two Examples from Fish Population Dynamics (W. E. Ricker)

Compensatory Density Dependence in Fish Populations: Importance, Controversy, Understanding and Prognosis (Kenneth A. Rose, James H. Cowan, Jr., Kirk O. Winemiller, Ransom A. Myers, and Ray Hilborn)

Some Aspects of the Dynamics of Populations Important to the Management of Commercial Marine Fishes (Milner B. Schaefer)

Adaptive Control of Fishing Systems (Carl J. Walters and Ray Hilborn)

Rebuilding Global Fisheries (Boris Worm, Ray Hilborn, Julia K. Baum, Trevor A. Branch, Jeremy S. Collie, Christopher Costello, Michael J. Fogarty, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Jeffrey A. Hutchings, Simon Jennings, Olaf P. Jensen, Heike K. Lotze, Pamela M. Mace, Tim R. McClanahan, Cóilín Minto, Stephen R. Palumbi, Ana M. Parma, Daniel Ricard, Andrew A. Rosenberg, Reg Watson, and Dirk Zeller)

Honorable Mention Full Citations and Abstracts

SECTION 2 Managing People (Robert Arlinghaus)
Reprinted Articles:

The Lobster Fiefs: Economic and Ecological Effects of Territoriality in the Maine Lobster Industry (James M. Acheson)

Leisure Value Systems and Recreational Specialization: The Case of Trout Fishermen (Hobson Bryan)

The Struggle to Govern the Commons (Thomas Dietz, Elinor Ostrom, and Paul C. Stern)

The Economic Theory of a Common-Property Resource: The Fishery (H. Scott Gordon)

A Model of Regulated Open Access Resource Use (Frances R. Homans and James E. Wilen)

Fisheries Co-Management: Delegating Government Responsibility to Fishermen’s Organizations (Svein Jentoft)

The Fishery: the Objectives of Sole Ownership (Anthony Scott)

Economic Impacts of Marine Reserves: the Importance of Spatial Behavior (Martin D. Smith and James E. Wilen)

Honorable Mention Full Citations and Abstracts

SECTION 3 Managing Fish Habitat (Daniel E. Schindler)
Reprinted Articles:

Habitat Structural Complexity and the Interaction between Bluegills and their Prey (Larry B. Crowder and William E. Cooper)

Magnification of Secondary Production by Kelp Detritus in Coastal Marine Ecosystems (D. O. Duggins, C. A. Simenstad, and J. A. Estes)

When can Marine Reserves Improve Fisheries Management? (Ray Hilborn, Kevin Stokes, Jean-Jacques Maguire,
Tony Smith, Louis W. Botsford, Marc Mangel, José Orensanz, Ana Parma, Jake Rice, Johann Bell, Kevern L. Cochrane, Serge Garcia, Stephen J. Hall, G. P. Kirkwood, Keith Sainsbury, Gunnar Stefansson, and Carl Walters)

The Flood Pulse Concept in River-Floodplain Systems (Wolfgang J. Junk, Peter B. Bayley, and Richard E. Sparks)

A Pacific Inter decadal Climate Oscillation with Impacts on Salmon Production (Nathan J. Mantua, Steven R. Hare, Yuan Zhang, John M. Wallace, and Robert C. Francis)

The Natural Flow Regime (N. LeRoy Poff, J. David Allan, Mark B. Bain, James R. Karr, Karen L. Prestegaard, Brian D. Richter, Richard E. Sparks, and Julie C. Stromberg)

The River Continuum Concept (Robin L. Vannote, G. Wayne Minshall, Kenneth W. Cummins, James R. Sedell, and Colbert E. Cushing)

An Experimental Test of the Effects of Predation Risk on Habitat Use in Fish (Earl E. Werner, James F. Gilliam, Donald J. Hall, and Gary G. Mittelbach)

Honorable Mention Full Citations and Abstracts

SECTION 4 Managing Fish Communities and Ecosystems (James F. Kitchell)
Reprinted Articles:

Cascading Trophic Interactions and Lake Productvity (Stephen R. Carpenter, James F. Kitchell, and
James R. Hodgson)

Interactions between Yellow Perch Abundance, Walleye Predation, and Survival of Alternate Prey in Oneida Lake,
New York (John L. Forney)

Fishing Down Marine Food Webs (Daniel Pauly, Villy Christensen, Johanne Dalsgaard, Rainer Froese, and Francisco Torres, Jr.)

Patterns in Species Composition and Richness in Fish Assemblages in Northern Wisconsin Lakes (William M. Tonn and John J. Magnuson)

Cultivation/depensation Effects on Juvenile Survival and Recruitment: Implications for the Theory of Fishing (Carl Walters and James F. Kitchell)

Possible Ecosystem Impacts of Applying MSY Policies from Single-species Assessment (Carl J. Walters, Villy Christensen, Steven J. Martell, and James F. Kitchell)

Competition and Habitat Shift in Two Sunfishes (Centrarchidae) (Earl E. Werner and Donald J. Hall)

Patterns of Life-history Diversification in North American Fishes: Implications for Population Regulation (Kirk O. Winemiller and Kenneth A. Rose)

Honorable Mention Full Citations and Abstracts

SECTION 5 Managing Fisheries Enhancements (Kai Lorenzen)
Reprinted Articles:

A Responsible Approach to Marine Stock Enhancement (H. Lee Blankenship and Kenneth M. Leber)

Stocking Strategies (I. G. Cowx)

A Review of the Hatchery Programs for Pink Salmon in Prince William Sound and Kodiak Island, Alaska (Ray Hilborn and Doug Eggers)

Testing the Importance of Fish Stocking as a Determinant of the Demand for Fishing Licenses and Fishing Effort in Colorado (John Loomis and Peter Fix)

Population Dynamics and Potential of Fisheries Stock Enhancement: Practical Theory for Assessment and Policy Analysis (Kai Lorenzen)

Understanding how the Hatchery Environment Represses or Promotes the Development of Behavioral Survival Skills (Bori L. Olla, Michael W. Davis, and Clifford H. Ryer)

Genetic Differences in Growth and Survival of Juvenile Hatchery and Wild Steelhead Trout, Salmo gairdneri (R. R. Reisenbichler and J. D. McIntyre)

Factors Influencing Survival and Growth of Stocked Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) in a Centrarchid-dominated
Impoundment (Victor J. Santucci, Jr. and David H. Wahl)

Experiments with Various Rates of Stocking Bluegills, Lepomis macrochirus Rafinesque, and Largemouth Bass,
Micropterus salmoides (Lacepede), in Ponds (H. S. Swingle)

Honorable Mention Full Citations and Abstracts

SECTION 6 Summary (Greg G. Sass and Micheal S. Allen)