Methods for Fish Biology, 2nd edition


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Edited by Stephen Midway, Caleb Hasler, and Prosanta Chakrabarty

824 pages, hard cover, index
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Published 2022


Midway, S., C. Hasler, and P. Chakrabarty, editors. 2022. Methods for fish biology, 2nd edition. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland.


It has been over 30 years since the 1st edition of the groundbreaking Methods for Fish Biology was released and much has changed. This new edition features contributions from a diverse set of authors and includes topics not covered in the 1st edition and updates to many of the important topics that remain relevant to the fields of fish biology, ichthyology, and fisheries science. However, ecologists, geneticists, conservationists, reproductive biologists, and the like should find useful information here, and both the senior scientist and the new student will find useful new tools and discussions in these pages.

This new edition was designed to cover topics ranging from taxonomy to physiology to applied ecology—and everything in between. Standard information (such as histological techniques) has been updated and reinforced, while topics like stable isotopes and ecotoxicology are new additions. All chapters provide background and context before going deeper into a range of relevant methods, and finally ending on what the future directions are for the topic. Each chapter is well referenced and includes a glossary.



1 Methods in Fish Biology: the Modern Toolbox (Prosanta Chakrabarty, Stephen R. Midway, and Caleb T. Hasler)

2 Fish Husbandry and Maintaining Fish for Research Purposes (James D. Bowker, Jesse T. Trushenski, and Christopher C. Kohler)

3 Fishomics: Genetics, Genomics, and Transcriptomics of Fishes (S. Elizabeth Alter)

4 An Introduction to Quantitative Genetics in Fish Biology and Fisheries (Megan V. McPhee)

5 Phylogenetic Systematics of Fishes (Dahiana Arcila and Guillermo Ortí)

6 Morphological Descriptions and Taxonomy (Diego F. B. Vaz, Christopher M Martinez, Sarah T. Friedman, and Pedro P. Rizzato)

7 Phylogeography and the Fundamentals of Population Genetic Analyses (Michelle R. Gaither and Joseph D. DiBattista)

8 Respirometry (Timothy D. Clark)

9 Osmoregulation and Acid-Base Balance (Stephen D. McCormick, Eric T. Schulz, and Colin J. Brauner)

10 Cardiovascular System (Erika J. Eliason, Andreas Ekström, Albin Gräns, Georgina K. Cox, and Erik Sandblom)

11 Growth and Development (Michael D. Kaller, Christopher C. Green, and Alf H. Haukenes)

12 Reproduction (J. Adam Luckenbach and José M. Guzmán)

13 Neurophysiology for Fishes: Electrophysiology and Neuronal Labeling Techniques (Allen F. Mensinger and Karen P. Maruska)

14 Endocrinology (Jennifer D. Jeffrey, Nicholas J. Bernier, and W. Gary Anderson)

15 Emerging Toxicological Methods for Fisheries Biologists in the Twenty-first Century (Cheryl A. Murphy, Janice L. Albers, Brandon M. Armstrong, Tyler J. Firkus, and Lori N. Ivan)

16 Behavior (Julianna P. Kadar, Catarina Vila Pouca, Robert Perryman, Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons, Sherrie Chambers, Connor Gervais, and Culum Brown)

17 Applied Fish Ecology (Brandon K. Peoples, Troy M. Farmer, and James H. Roberts)

18 Trophodynamics (Chris Harrod and Christopher D. Stallings)

19 Fish Curation (Brian L. Sidlauskas and Peter Konstantinidis)

20 Fisheries and Fish Biology in Transition: Challenges and Opportunities for the Next Generation (April Croxton and Cecil A. Jennings)

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Methods for Fish Biology 2

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