Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship, revised edition


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Tom Annear, Ian Chisholm, Hal Beecher, Allan Locke, Peter Aarrestad, Chuck Coomer, Christopher Estes, Joel Hunt, Rick Jacobson, Gerrit Jöbsis, John Kauffman, John Marshall, Kevin Mayes, Gary Smith, Rod Wentworth, and Clair Stalnaker

267 pages, PDF and epub, glossary, index
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ISBN 0-9716743-1-0
Published 2004 by the Instream Flow Council

This book is widely regarded as “the bible on instream flow” and provides a relatively nontechnical understanding of key ecological features of rivers. It reveals the ways that hydrology, biology, geomorphology, water quality, and connectivity interact to shape streams and the living things that depend on aquatic systems. The book also provides a broad overview of the legal and institutional frameworks by which many of the decisions affecting rivers and lakes are made. The important role of the public in water management is also addressed.

Figures xi
Tables xv
Foreword xvii
Preface xix
Preface to First Edition xxi
Acknowledgments xxiii
Executive Summary xv

Chapter 1. Introduction 1
Chapter 2. Instream Flows in the Context of Riverine Ecology 9
Chapter 3. Public Involvement 51
Chapter 4. Legal and Institutional Elements 61
Chapter 5. Instream Flow Programs and Site-Specific Prescriptions 83
Chapter 6. Instream Flow Assessment Tools 129
Chapter 7. Conclusions 191

Appendix A. Summary of Instream Flow Council Policies 195
Appendix B. An Instream Flow Awareness Campaign 201
Appendix C. Summary of the Public Trust Doctrine 205
Appendix D. Alberta Water Act 207
Appendix E. Example of How to Conduct an Instream Flow Study 209
Glossary 213
References 225
About the Authors 251
Index 255






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