Managing Centrarchid Fisheries in Rivers and Streams


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Michael J. Siepker and Jeffrey W. Quinn, editors

270 pages
Symposium #87
ISBN: 978-1-934874-52-3
Published March 2019


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This book synthesizes current scientific and management studies for centrarchids in rivers and streams, and is a must-read for natural resource professionals as well as stream fishing enthusiasts.  Readers will benefit from the diverse array of topics addressed by studies of six species in 11 states.  The latest information provided on native species conservation and restoration, unique lineages, species interactions and distribution, life history, habitat use, and population demographics will be useful to a variety of resource professionals.  Stream fisheries managers will especially benefit from chapters that evaluate angler exploitation, stocking, fish removals, dam removal, forage addition, and harvest regulations.

The book provides a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in expanding their understanding of centrarchid fisheries in rivers and streams.


Importance of Temperature and Streamflow Variables for Explaining Variation in Relative Abundance of Age-0 Smallmouth Bass in Southwestern Wisconsin Streams (Justin M. Haglund, John Lyons, and Paul Kanehl)

First Summer Survival and Channel-Unit Habitat Use by the Neosho Subspecies of Smallmouth Bass (Shannon K. Brewer, Brandon Brown, Thomas A. Worthington, Robert Mollenhauer, Anthony Rodger, Matt Skoog, and Jim Burroughs)

Local and Landscape Determinants of Smallmouth Bass Habitat Suitability in Michigan Streams (Jan-Michael Hessenauer, Kevin Wehrly, Danielle Forsyth Kilijanczyk, Todd Wills, and Troy Zorn)

Trophic Ecology of Smallmouth Bass in Hierarchical Stream Networks (Oliver Nettere, E. William Hamilton, Ryan J. Woodland, and Robert Humston)

Role of Recovering River Herring Populations on Smallmouth Bass Diet and Growth (Jonathan M. Watson, Stephen M. Coghlan, Jr., Joseph Zydlewski, Daniel B. Hayes, and Daniel S. Stich)

Changes in Body Condition and Diet of Lotic Smallmouth Bass across Two Flow Regimes during Summer Months at the Southern Extent of Their Native Range (Cristopher R. Middaugh and Daniel D. Magoulick)

Exploitation of Smallmouth Bass from Selected Ozark Streams and Simulated Effects of Higher Minimum Length Limits (Chris Williamson, Nick Girondo, Paul Cieslewicz, Dave Knuth, Mike Reed, John Ackerson, A.J. Pratt, Sarah Peper, and Jen Girondo)

Factors Affecting Black Bass Species Composition in Louisiana Gulf Slope and Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Streams (Michael D. Kaller, Tiffany E. Pasco, William E. Kelso, and Debra G. Kelly)

Genetic Relationships of Florida Bass and Largemouth Bass Inhabiting Salt Marsh and Freshwater Habitats in Northwest Florida Coastal Streams (Matthew G. Wegener and Brandon L. Barthel)

Population and Life-History Characteristics of Two Micropterus Species in the Flint River System, Georgia (Steven M. Sammons, Travis R. Ingram, and John M. Kilpatrick)

Spatial Ecology of Shoal Bass in Ichawaynochaway Creek, Georgia (Travis R. Ingram, Steven M. Sammons, Adam J. Kaeser, Rachel A. Katz, and Sean C. Sterrett)

Repatriation of Guadalupe Bass in the Blanco River, Texas: A Case Study in the Opportunistic Use of Drought as a Fisheries Management Tool (Stephan Magnelia, Gordon Linam, Ryan McGillicuddy, Ken Saunders, Melissa Parker, Timothy Birdsong, Dijar Lutz-Carillo, Jánaye Williamson, Rachael L. Ranft, and Timothy Bonner)

Spatial Distribution and Hybridization Levels in Guadalupe Bass Five Years after Remedial Stocking (B. Paul Fleming and Nathan G. Smith)

Management of Choctaw Bass in the Choctawhatchee River Drainage Based on Novel Life History Information (Katie L. Woodside, Matthew G. Wegener, and Neil J. Branson)

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Centrarchid Fisheries

Complete Book (Hard Copy), Complete Book (PDF Download), Front Matter, 01 Importance of temperature and streamflow, 02 First summer survival, 03 Local and landscape determinants, 04 Trophic ecology of Smallmouth Bass, 05 Role of recovering River Herring, 06 Changes in body condition and diet, 07 Exploitation of Smallmouth Bass, 08 Factors affecting Black Bass, 09 Genetic relationships of Florida Bass, 10 Population and life-history characteristics, 11 Spatial ecology of Shoal Bass, 12 Repatriation of Guadalupe Bass, 13 Spatial distribution and hybridization, 14 Management of Choctaw Bass