Managing the Impacts of Human Activities on Fish Habitat: The Governance, Practices, and Science


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Neil Fisher, Patrice LeBlanc, C. Alwyn Rose, and Barry Sadler, editors

264 pages, paper

Published by the American Fisheries Society, June 2015

ISBN-13: 978-1-934874-41-7


Fish species and their habitat are under threat from the impact of overfishing, pollution, and development. This book reviews the science, governance, and practice of assessing and managing these impacts, including use of ecosystem-based approaches (EBA).

Describes innovations in use of EBA in managing economic development impacts, and highlights key features and requirements such as the identification of “safe margin” thresholds across spatial scales in support of the long term sustainability of productive capacity of aquatic ecosystems.

The book will be useful to fish habitat scientists and managers, and to all readers concerned about the adverse impact of development on fish and their habitat.


Section I: Introduction

Toward an Ecosystem-Based Approach to Assessing and Managing Impacts on Fish and Fish Habitat (Neil Fisher, Patrice LeBlanc, C. Alwyn Rose, and Barry Sadler)

Section II: Governance Experience and Issues for Managing Impacts

Canada’s Regulatory Regime for Managing Impacts to Fish and Fish Habitat (Patrice LeBlanc, C. Alwyn Rose, and Neil Fisher)

Using Fishery Management Mandates to Conserve Marine Fish Habitat in the United States (Thomas E. Bigford)

Mexican Fisheries: Their Management and Administration to Regulate Impacts of Fishing Activities on Fish Habitat (Raúl Villaseñor and Felipe Amezcua)

Section III: Approaches to Impact Assessment and Management

Basin Scale Monitoring of River Restoration: Recommendations from Case Studies in the Pacific Northwest USA (Philip Roni, Tim Beechie, Chris Jordan, and George Pess)

Canada’s Approach to Managing the Impacts of Fishing on the Ecosystem (Derek Osborne, Lisa Setterington, Marc Clemens, Brett Gilchrist, Kaija Metuzals, and Lisa Randall)

A Comprehensive Framework for Characterizing Cumulative Effects in Aquatic Ecosystems to Support Regional Environmental Assessments and Integrated Planning and Management (Roland Cormier)

A Novel Regulatory Assessment and Planning Tool to Guide the Sustainable Development of Oyster Aquaculture in New Brunswick, Canada (Sophie Bastien-Daigle and Matthew Hardy)

An Integrated Management Process for Regulating the Effects of Placer Mining on Fish and Fish Habitat in the Yukon (Steve Gotch)

Section IV: Importance of Science in Supporting Governance and Practices

The Demise of American Eel in the Upper St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Ottawa River and Associated Watersheds: Implications of Regional Cumulative Effects (Rob MacGregor, Tim Haxton, Lorne Greig, John M. Casselman, John M. Dettmers, William A. Allen, David G. Oliver, and Larry McDermott)

Using Habitat Area-Production Relationships for Assessing the Productive Capacity of Fish Habitat (Robert G. Randall)

Canadian Fish Habitat Management: Symptoms and Remedies (Charles K. Minns)

New Roles for Habitat—New Needs for Science Support (Jake C. Rice)