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Individual Membership Types

Student Member (Max. 7 years)
You qualify for this membership if you are a student enrolled full-time in an approved educational institution. Part-time students or persons who were previously regular members are not eligible. The maximum allowed time is 7 years, after which membership is automatically changed to Young Professional.

  • Dues: $20.00

Benefits: all of the benefits as Regular Membership plus reduced Annual Meeting registration fee, and free access to AFS journals on line and InfoBase.

Young Professional (valid for 5 years after graduation)
If you are a recent graduate, this category is for you! It is valid for five years after graduation. It was designed to give early career professionals Professional membership at a discounted rate. After five years, the membership automatically changes to Regular membership.

  • Dues: $40.00

Benefits: subscription to monthly Fisheries magazine, special member prices for AFS journals, books and annual meeting registration; access to Membership Directory, professional certification

Regular Member
Designed for professionals who have held their degree for more than five years.

  • Dues: $80.00

Benefits: subscription to monthly Fisheries magazine, special member prices for AFS journals, books and Annual Meeting registration; access to Membership Directory, professional certification

Life Membership
Why not make a wise investment? A one-time dues payment will carry you through your entire career.

  • Life I: one time cost $1,737.00 (includes lifetime subscription to Fisheries and one of the AFS journals print or online)
  • Life II: one year payment plan: $1,000.00 (includes lifetime subscription to Fisheries)

Please contact us to become a Life Member.

Benefits: all of the benefits of Regular Membership

Retired Member
Simply put, we appreciate the many years of service to fisheries and aquatic sciences. So, this category is designed to give our retired members an opportunity to continue to participate in the Society at a discounted rate.

  • Dues: $40.00

Benefits: all of the benefits as Regular Membership plus reduced Annual Meeting registration fee.

Developing Countries
For residents of countries considered as developing nations by the UN based on the list of Lower Middle and Low Income Economies in Table E  on page 142 and nations listed in Table F on page 143 of the UN World Economic Situation and Prospectus 2015. See: Table listing countries qualified for this rate.

  • Dues: $10.00

Benefits: all of the benefits as Regular Membership


Gift Membership

AFS members may purchase a gift membership for a new member. Benefits are the same as Regular Membership. Please see the gift membership application form page for more details.

Honorary Membership

HONORARY MEMBERS are persons who, because of their outstanding professional or other attainments, outstanding service to the Society, or official position, have been elected to permanent dues-free membership in the Society. Honorary Members must be nominated by at least 100 active members and elected by a 2/3 majority of active members present at an annual or special Society meeting. A Life Member elected to Honorary membership retains the privileges of Life membership. Contact Jasmine Sewell.

Golden Membership

AFS Golden Members are individuals who have been members for 50 years or more. This honor is automatically conferred and announced at the Annual Meeting each year.

NOTE: All membership dues and subscriptions are applied on a calendar year basis.  Subscription to our monthly Fisheries magazine is included with dues.  We offer discounts on books, journals, certification and meeting registration.  In addition, all members have access to the Membership Directory, Fisheries magazine archives, meeting podcasts and minutes of the Governing Board.

Institutional Levels of Membership

Associate Membership

Associate Members are individuals, corporations, and foundations that support the programs of the Society with their annual contributions of $2,000 or more.

Benefits: Associate membership includes a complimentary 12-month subscription to Fisheries magazine, complementary job announcements, and acknowledgment in the AFS Annual Report and on the AFS website.

Official Membership

Official Members are entities that support the Society, typically natural resource agencies.

Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Members are entities that support the Society.

Benefits: Complimentary subscription to Fisheries magazine, complimentary job postings on the online AFS Job Board for the member organization, special member rate for Annual Meeting Trade Show booth rental; acknowledgment in the AFS Annual Report and on AFS website.

How do I become a member?

First, determine which type of membership is best suited to you.  There are six types of individual membership, each designed to meet different members' needs, and three types of institutional membership.

When you join online, you will be directed to a membership portal where you can sign up with the appropriate membership type.  After completing payment, you will be able to login to this website and take full advantage of member content and tools!

Please note that all memberships are valid on a calendar-year basis. Dues received before September 1 will be applied to current calendar year; after September 1, dues will be applied to the next calendar year.

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