Fisheries Techniques, Third Edition


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Alexander V. Zale, Donna L. Parrish, and Trent M. Sutton, editors

1,009 pages, hardcover, with glossary and index

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Available: January 2013

ISBN: 978-1-934874-29-5



The comprehensive instructional and reference volume on fisheries sampling and analysis techniques.

This new edition describes the techniques and approaches used to collect and analyze fisheries samples and data, with a greater emphasis on quantitative techniques and estuarine and marine systems. Most chapters have been rewritten and all have been updated to include recent technological, analytical, and philosophical advances. A comprehensive glossary of terms is included.

The book is intended for practicing fisheries professionals, researchers, professors, and advanced undergraduate and graduate students.


1 Conducting Fisheries Investigations (Alexander V. Zale, Trent M. Sutton, and Donna L. Parrish)

2 Data Management and Statistical Techniques (Michael L. Brown, Micheal S. Allen, and T. Douglas Beard, Jr.)

3 Safety: Skills, Attitudes, Facts, and Equipment (Charles R. Berry, Jr., Don Dennerline, and Roger Rulifson)

4 Freshwater Aquatic Habitat Measurements (William L. Fisher, Michael A. Bozek, Jason C. Vokoun, and
Robert B. Jacobson)

5 Care, Handling, and Examination of Sampled Organisms (Cecil A. Jennings, Brian L. Sloss, Becky A. Lasee, Gary J. Burtle, and Gregory R. Moyer)

6 Passive Capture Techniques (Wayne A. Hubert, Kevin L. Pope, and John M. Dettmers)

7 Active Fish Capture Methods (Daniel B. Hayes, C. Paola Ferreri, and William W. Taylor)

8 Electrofishing (James B. Reynolds and A. Lawrence Kolz)

9 Collection, Processing, and Identification of Fish Eggs and Larvae and Zooplankton (William E. Kelso, Michael D. Kaller, and D. Allen Rutherford)

10 Invertebrates and Plants (Wendell R. Haag, Robert J. DiStefano, Siobhann Fennessy, and Brett D. Marshall)

11 Design and Analysis of Tagging Studies (William E. Pine, Joseph E. Hightower, Lewis G. Coggins, Matthew V. Lauretta, and Kenneth H. Pollock)

12 Fish Kill Investigation Procedures (Keith B. Floyd)

13 Fisheries Acoustics (Lars G. Rudstam, J. Michael Jech, Sandra L. Parker-Stetter, John K. Horne, Patrick J. Sullivan, and Doran M. Mason)

14 Length, Weight, and Associated Indices (Robert M. Neumann, Christopher S. Guy, and David W. Willis)

15 Age and Growth (Michael C. Quist, Mark A. Pegg, and Dennis R. DeVries)

16 Diets and Energy Flow (James E. Garvey and Steven R. Chipps)

17 Visual Observation of Fish and Aquatic Habitat (Russell F. Thurow, C. Andrew Dolloff, and J. Ellen Marsden)

18 Biotelemetry and Biologging (Steven J. Cooke, Scott G. Hinch, Martyn C. Lucas, and Molly Lutcavage)

19 Recreational Angler Survey Methods: Estimation of Effort, Harvest, and Released Catch (Cynthia M. Jones and Kenneth H. Pollock)

20 Sampling Commercial Fisheries (Debra J. Murie, Daryl C. Parkyn, and Sandra L. Diamond)

21 Measuring the Human Dimensions of Recreational Fisheries (Barbara A. Knuth, Tommy L. Brown, and Kevin M. Hunt)