Retired Members Travel Award

Help for retired members enabling them to travel to the American Fisheries Society annual meeting

Photo of members at the American Fisheries Society annual meeting

Credit: American Fisheries Society

The American Fisheries Society has established this travel award to encourage and enable members of the Society to attend annual meetings, particularly those members who might play a more active role in the meeting. The Society recognizes that some retired members who desire to participate in the annual meeting might be inhibited for financial reasons. Retired members may not have funds for travel to meetings that were available to them while employed. Therefore, this award is meant for those members who truly have a need for financial assistance. The Society has neither means nor desire to verify financial need, so that your request for support is based on an honor system. However, you must be a dues-paying retired member of the American Fisheries Society to apply. A maximum of $1,500 may be awarded for reimbursable expenses.


The award is based on the totality of the contribution that the applicant will make to the AFS Annual Meeting that is deemed beneficial to the Society.  The committee will consider the activities in which the applicant will participate, other relevant information provided by the applicant, and supporting letters.  Justifiable reasons include: major participation in Society governance (e.g., in a major Society committee meeting), reception of a Society-level award, or speaking at a Society-wide component of the meeting (e.g., keynote address in a major Society-sponsored symposium).  If the applicant is representing another organization or Society unit, the responsibility for support should reside with that organization or unit.  Applicants are viewed more favorably if they show a contribution to travel costs from another party or one’s own funds.

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Nomination deadline: April 1, 2022

Contact: Scott Bonar, Committee Chair
Email: [email protected]

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