Emmeline Moore Prize

Recognizing efforts of an individual member in the promotion of demographic diversity in the Society

2022 Emmeline Moore Prize honoree Jessica Mistak with 2021-2022 AFS President Leanne Roulson

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) has established a career achievement award, named after the first female AFS president, Emmeline Moore (1927-1928), to recognize efforts of an individual member in the promotion of demographic diversity in the society.  This award will be presented to an individual who demonstrates strong commitment and exemplary service to ensuring equal opportunity access to higher education in fisheries and/or professional development in the broad range of fisheries science disciplines.  Qualified nominees must exhibit clear evidence of service and commitment to diversity initiatives, including a strong research or fisheries management leadership background, public understanding of diversity issues, technical and popular writing, and inspirational leadership.  Candidates should also have enunciated principles that lead to greater involvement of under-represented groups in fisheries science, education, research or management. Nominees for the award are restricted to AFS members.

Submit Your Nomination

A nomination package should include a detailed letter of support (maximum three pages) describing the nominee’s accomplishments and including evidence of involvement in diversity initiatives given the criteria noted above.  The main letter of nomination can be supported through several signatures or up to three additional letters of support can be submitted.  Please include in the nomination letter, the nominee’s title and full contact information (i.e. address, e-mail, phone etc.) to complete the package.

Up to three supporting documents will be accepted for each nomination. Supporting documents may include a current CV (up to 4 pages) and additional supporting letters (up to 2 pages).

The Awards Committee is dedicated to AFS goal of increasing diversity and inclusion within our Society. As part of this effort, we highly encourage nominations for individuals from historically underrepresented groups in the fisheries field.

2023 Award Nominations should be submitted online at https://afsawards.awardsplatform.com/

Nomination Deadline: April 1, 2023.

Contact: Maggie Chan and Chante Davis, Committee Co-Chairs


Past Recipients of the Emmeline Moore Prize

  • 2009 Bradford E. Brown
  • 2010 Christine Moffitt
  • 2011 Ambrose Jearld, Jr
  • 2012 Hiram W. Li
  • 2013 Steve E. Lochmann
  • 2014 Gwen White
  • 2015 Dionne Hoskins
  • 2016 Dr. Mamie Parker
  • 2017 Hannibal Bolton
  • 2018 Julie Claussen
  • 2019 Kenneth Beal
  • 2020 Ivan Arismendi
  • 2021 Zachary Penney
  • 2022 Jessica Mistak