President’s Fishery Conservation Award

For singular accomplishments or long-term contributions that advance aquatic resource conservation at a regional or local level

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary accepts the 2018 Non-Member Presidents’ Fishery Conservation Award from AFS President Steve McMullin.


The President’s Fishery Conservation Award, established in 1995, is presented in two categories: (1) an AFS individual or unit, or (2) a non-AFS individual or entity, for singular accomplishments or long-term contributions that advance aquatic resource conservation at a regional or local level.

The award is administered by the Past President’s Advisory Council.

Submit Your Nomination

A nomination package should include a strong and detailed letter describing the nominee’s contribution and the evidence for accomplishment at a regional or local level.  If the nomination is for an individual, include a CV if possible.  Nominations may be supported by multiple individuals by signing one nomination letter, or by submitting supporting letters in addition to the main nomination letter. Include the nominee’s title and full contact information (address, email, and phone). Nominations should be submitted electronically using the form below.

The Awards Committee is dedicated to AFS goal of increasing diversity and inclusion within our Society. As part of this effort, we highly encourage nominations for individuals from historically underrepresented groups in the fisheries field.

Nomination deadline: May 1, 2019.

Contact: Steve McMullin, Committee Chair

The nomination period for this award has closed.

Jerry Jacobi winner of the 2018 Member category Presidents’ Fishery Conservation Award.

Past Award Recipients

  • 1995 Jerry Rasmussen
  • 1996 Mike Dombeck, Oregon Trout
  • 1997 Cleve Steward, Donald D. MacDonald, Governor Marc Racicot
  • 1998 Jack E. Williams, Governor John Kitzhaber, Oregon Salmon Strategy Team, Paul Brouha
  • 1999 Robert L. Kendall, Electric Power Research Institute
  • 2000 Columbia River Intertribal Fisheries Commission, John Gunn
  • 2001 William Dill, Almo Cordone, William D. Ruckelshaus
  • 2002 Salvador Contreras Balderas, Mississippi Interstate Commission Resource Association
  • 2003 The Right Honourable Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada, The Honourable David Anderson, Canadian Minister of the Environment
  • 2004 Richard K. Kessler, W. Michael Turner
  • 2005 Member Category – Bruce Rieman
  • 2005 Non-Member Category- Project Salmon Habitat And River Enhancement (SHARE)
  • 2006 Great Lakes Fish Health Committee
  • 2007 the Wetlands Initiative
  • 2008 Edwin P. Pister
  • 2009 Member Category –Dave W. Willis
  • 2009 Non-Member Category- The Hudson River Foundation
  • 2010 Eglin Air Force Base Natural Resources Section
  • 2011 Member Category – James Franks
  • 2011 Non-Member Category- Trout Unlimited’s Eastern Abandoned Mine Program
  • 2012 Member Category – not awarded
  • 2012 Non-Member Category – Turner Enterprises’ Biodiversity Division and the Turner Endangered Species Fund
  • 2013 Larry L. Olmsted and James R. Nassar
  • 2014 David Fielder and Michael Thomas
  • 2015 Member Category- David Brown
  • 2015 Non-Member Category- The Oregon Chub Team
  • 2016 Member Category- Mark Hudy
  • 2016 Non Member Category-
  • 2017 Member Category- Richard Dyrland
  • 2017 The West Palm Beach Fishing Club
  • 2018 Member Category- Jerry Jacobi
  • 2018 Non-Member Category- Partnership for the Delaware Estuary