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Updates as of 9/10/21:

1. Baltimore award orders:
It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about section/division meetings that will take place during the AFS Annual Meeting. If you will be presenting awards in Baltimore, please note “ship to Baltimore” in the shipping address section of the form. Please (try to) submit Baltimore orders by October 15th.

2. Virtual presentations/shipping:
In the past year, there has been an increase in virtual award presentations. When ordering a set of awards for your unit, please provide accurate shipping information! (i.e. shipping all awards to a unit officer vs. shipping directly to the recipients) If you would like to include a virtual chapter/section officer’s signature, please send it via email.

3. Help! My award order is complex:
If the specifics for your award(s) are not fitting into the online form (or if you’re ordering a several at once and don’t want to keep resubmitting), feel free to add everything to a spreadsheet/email and send it over!

Award costs:

Certificate with plaque: $20
Certificate with paper certificate holder: $10
Certificate only: $5

Additional/empty plaques: $15

Cost of Shipping and Handling Continental US: $8-10 per plaque
Cost of Shipping and Handling Outside Continental US: Varies

Sample certificate – personalized text will start at about 2″ from the top of the page, to allow for the preprinted header:


Sample plaque (color may vary, but all are “slide in” style like the below):


Your request for a certificate and/or plaque will automatically be sent to: Lauren Maza, [email protected], when you click “submit.”
Please allow for a two to four week turnaround time. AFS will process billing at the end of each month; invoices will be sent to the address indicated in the award submission form.