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Reconnecting Fragmented Sturgeon Populations in North American Rivers

Henriette I. Jager, Michael J. Parsley, Joseph J. Cech, Jr., Robert L. McLaughlin, Patrick S. Forsythe, Robert F. Elliott, and Brenda M. Pracheil The majority of large North American rivers are fragmented by dams that interrupt migrations of wide-ranging fishes like sturgeons. Reconnecting habitat is viewed as an important means of protecting sturgeon species in... Read More

Autentificación del ADN de productos pesqueros revela errores en el etiquetado de alimentos marinos

Marta Muñoz-Colmenero, Oscar Blanco, Vanessa Arias, Jose Luis Martinez, and Eva Garcia-Vazquez El etiquetado incorrecto de los alimentos de origen marino es un problema mundial ya que puede dar como resultado una subestimación en las declaraciones de las especies explotadas y tener efectos negativos en la conservación de especies amenazadas. La persistencia de este problema... Read More

Une approche résiliente peut améliorer le rétablissement des populations de poissons anadromes

John Waldman, Karen A. Wilson, Martha Mather, and  Noah P. Snyder La plupart des populations de poissons anadromes restent à des niveaux faibles ou sont en déclin malgré des investissements substantiels dans le rétablissement de leurs populations. Nous explorons si la résilience (c.-à-d., un paradigme différent pour comprendre les populations, les communautés et les écosystèmes)... Read More

A Resilience Approach Can Improve Anadromous Fish Restoration

John Waldman, Karen A. Wilson, Martha Mather, and Noah P. Snyder Most anadromous fish populations remain at low levels or are in decline despite substantial investments in restoration. We explore whether a resilience perspective (i.e., a different paradigm for understanding populations, communities, and ecosystems) is a viable alternative framework for anadromous fish restoration. Many life history traits... Read More

DNA Authentication of Fish Product Reveals Mislabeling Associated with Seafood Processing

Marta Muñoz-Colmenero, Oscar Blanco, Vanessa Arias, Jose Luis Martinez, and Eva Garcia-Vazquez Seafood mislabeling is a problem worldwide because it may cause underreporting of species exploitation and have detrimental effects on endangered species conservation. The persistence of this problem has been documented for important commercial species, revealing the need to devote more effort to provide... Read More

Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – March 2016

  In this Issue: • President’s Column One Fish, Two Fish • Policy Column Climate Change and Fish • Letter From the Executive Director AFS Annual Meetings: What Works and What Doesn’t • Science Communication Narratives of Nature • Interview Q&A with John Waldman FEATURES • A Resilience Approach Can Improve Anadromous Fish Restoration •... Read More


Perhaps you are thinking from the title of this commentary that it deals with methods of estimating relative abundance or the size of a particular fish population. However, it is far from that. The title is borrowed from a classic children’s book by Dr. Seuss: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (Seuss 1960).... Read More

POLICY COLUMN: Climate Change and Fish

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference recently concluded in Paris, and developed countries are now charged with implementing an environmental agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a perfect setting for us to ponder how well positioned “we” might be for change that might be reflected in U.S. fish programs. With a clearer vision... Read More