Mitigating Impacts of Natural Hazards on Fishery Ecosystems


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Katherine D. McLaughlin, editor

446 pages, hardcover, Symposium 64

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: August 2008

ISBN: 978-1-934874-01-1



The inevitability of natural hazards makes them a topic of relevance to a wide range of scientists. From regional fisheries managers to policy makers, hazards, be they atmospheric, hydrologic, or geologic, affect all aspects of fisheries and all geographies. In this volume, authors discuss not only the impact of natural hazards on fish populations, but also the effect on the fishery habitat and the fishing and coastal communities dependent on such populations. Research on an assortment of hazards is presented, including earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, hypoxia, and harmful algal blooms.


Keynote: California’s Ocean and Coastal Policy (Brian Baird)


Coastal Storms, Toxic Runoff, and the Sustainable Conservation of Fish and Fisheries (Sarah G. McCarthy, John P. Incardona, and Nathaniel L. Scholz)

Coastal Louisiana Ecosystem Assessment & Restoration (CLEAR) Program: The Role of Ecosystem Forecasting in Evaluating Restoration Planning in the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain (Robert R. Twilley, Brady R. Couvillion, Imtiaz Hossain, Carola Kaiser, Alaina B. Owens, Gregory D. Steyer, and Jenneke M. Visser)

The Use of Living Shorelines to Mitigate the Effects of Storm Events on Dauphin Island, Alabama, USA (LaDon Swann)

Poster Abstract: Impacts of Stormwater Runoff on Coho Salmon in Restored Urban Streams (Sarah G. McCarthy, Julann Spromberg, John Incardona, Blake Feist, Jana Labenia, Mark S. Myers, Linda Rhodes, Gina Ylitalo, Jenifer McIntyre, Laura Reed, Katherine Lynch, Jay Davis, Tracy K. Collier, and Nathaniel L. Scholz)


Fishery Sector Recovery: Policy Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (Albert Rusty Gaudé, Wayne Weikel, and Nancy Weikel)

Assessing Seafood Safety in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (Tom Hom, Tracy K. Collier, Margaret M. Krahn, Mark S. Strom, Gina M. Ylitalo, William B. Nilsson, Rohinee N. Paranjpye, and Usha Varanasi)

Development and Implementation of a Large-Scale Debris Survey and Mapping Project after the Gulf Coast Hurricanes of 2005 (Timothy R. Osborn, Howard Danley, and Edward L. Martin)

Ecological Responses of the Neuse River-Pamlico Sound Estuarine Continuum to a Period of Elevated Hurricane Activity: Impacts of Individual Storms and Longer-Term Trends (Hans W. Paerl and Benjamin L. Peierls)

Louisiana Fisheries and the Hurricanes of 2005 (Rex H. Caffey, Richard F. Kazmierczak Jr., Hamady Diop, and Walter R. Keithly, Jr.)

Estimating Economic Damages to Mississippi Commercial and Recreational Fishing Industries from Hurricane Katrina (Benedict C. Posadas, Ruth A. Posadas, and William S. Perret)

Sunken Boats, Tangled Nets, and Disrupted Lives: Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on Two Coastal Areas of Louisiana (Palma J. Ingles)

Development and Implementation of the American Fisheries Society Disaster Relief Program (J. Fred Heitman, Donald C. Jackson, Danielle Pender, and Robert L. Curry)

Developing a Specialized Marine Action Assessment and Response Team for Posthurricane Response and Recovery (Michael S. Spranger and Donald L. Jackson)

Assessment of Nearshore Artificial Reefs in Okaloosa County, Florida by Volunteers Using Side Scan Sonar (L. Scott Jackson, Gary H. Parsons, Glen Davis, and Ken Crosby)

Developing a Framework for Fisheries Restoration in the Pascagoula River Basin following Hurricane Katrina (J. Brian Alford, Daniel M. O’Keefe, and Donald C. Jackson)

Poster Abstract: Report to Congress on the Impact of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma on Commercial and Recreational Fishery Habitat of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas (James P. Thomas)

Harmful Algal Blooms

Measuring the Economic Implications of Red Tide Events on the Gulf Coast of Florida, USA: An Overview of University of Florida Research Efforts (Chuck Adams, Sherry Larkin, Kim Morgan, Bob Degner, and John Stevely)

From Jubilees to Halos: Clarifying the Economic Effects of Harmful Algal Blooms on Commercial Fisheries (Porter Hoagland)

Red Tide: Sources of Information, Public Perceptions and Future Actions (John Stevely, Sherry Larkin, and Charles Adams)


The Effects of Hypoxia on Marine Fish Populations in Southern Hood Canal, Washington (Wayne A. Palsson, Robert E. Pacunski, Tony R. Parra, and Jim Beam)

Poster Abstract: Hypoxia in Hood Canal: An Evaluation Using Before-After-Control-Impact Design (Caroline Paulsen and Tim Essington)

Poster Abstract: Monitoring the Recovery of Organic Enriched Sediments following Targeted Mitigation and Intervention in a Temperate Estuary in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada (François Plante)


Movement of Adult Coho Salmon and Steelhead in the North Fork Toutle River, Washington: A Radio Telemetry Study (Dustin R. Hinson, Cleveland R. Steward, III, Shannon E. Wills, Tobias J. Kock, Michael A. Kritter, Theresa L. Liedtke, and Dennis W. Rondorf)


Wave of Change: Coping with Catastrophe (Pedro B. Bueno, Michael J. Phillips, Arun Padiyar, and Hassanai Kongkeo)

Lessons for Minimizing Impacts to Coral Reef and Other Ecosystems from the 2004 Tsunami (Dwayne Meadows and Deborah Brosnan)


An Approach to Establishing Fish and Fisheries as In Situ Environmental Bioindicators of Natural Hazards (Stephen A. Bortone)

The Future of Fish in Response to Large-Scale Change in the San Francisco Estuary, California (Peter B. Moyle)

Natural Hazards, Fish Habitat, and Fishing Communities in Alaska (Christian E. Zimmerman, Christina A. Neal, and Peter J. Haeussler)

The Role of the Extension Disaster Education Network in Coastal Disasters (Edwin Jones)

Waves of Adversity, Layers of Resilience: Lessons for Building Sustainable, Hazard- Resilient Coastal Communities (Bruce C. Glavovic)

Natural Hazards, Stock Depletion, and Stock Management in the Southern Gulf of Mexico Pink Shrimp Fishery (Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Mauricio Ramírez-Rodríguez, Manuel J. Zetina-Rejón, and Victor H. Cruz-Escalona)

Poster Abstract: Habitat Protection and Restoration as a Means of Mitigating the Effects of Natural Hazards—The NOAA Habitat Program Perspective (Cecelia Linder and Kimberly Lellis)

Conclusions and Summary

Mitigating Impacts of Natural Hazards on Fishery Ecosystems: Synthesis (Gary C. Matlock and Katherine D. McLaughlin)

Dialog with Stakeholders: Overview and Summary (Ronald C. Baird)