Aquatic Stewardship Education in Theory and Practice


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Barbara A. Knuth and William F. Siemer, editors

187 pages

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: April 2007

ISBN-13: 978-1-888569-90-2


This topical book presents the most current thinking about how to define, foster, and evaluate desirable aquatic stewardship behaviors as well as how to develop the educational programs and other motivating forces underlying such behaviors. This effort represents a partnership among academics, aquatic resource educators, fishery management professionals, and the fishing and boating industries to develop a shared understanding of desired characteristics of aquatic resource stewardship.

Symposium 55


PART I Stewardship Definitions and Management Challenges

1 Improving Our Understanding of the Theory and Practice of Aquatic Stewardship Education (Barbara A. Knuth)

2 Reconciling Fishing and Boating Promotion with Safe, Sustainable Use (Bob Wattendorf and Jon Lyman)

PART II Fostering Stewardship: Theory and Practice

3 Fostering Aquatic Stewardship with the Help of Best Education Practices (Elaine Andrews)

4 Developing Tomorrow’s Anglers and Aquatic Stewards: Formative Evaluation of MinnAqua’s Leaders’ Guide (Amy Grack Nelson and Jenifer Matthees)

5 Environmental Communication for Aquatic Stewardship (Brian Day)

6 Overview of the Recreational Boating Industry’s Aquatic Stewardship through Technology, Innovation, and Education (Monita W. Fontaine and Matthew P. Dunn)

7 Fostering Boating-Related Aquatic Stewardship: Reaching the Boater (Ryck Lydecker)

8 The Trout Unlimited Experience Teaching Aquatic Stewardship to Youth (Duncan Blair)

9 Government, Nongovernmental Organizations, and Industry: Programs that Foster Aquatic Stewardship (Annette L. Glick)

10 Citizen Science: Stewardship Education in Washington State (Margaret Tudor and Michael O’Malley)

11 Revisiting the Stewardship Concept: Faith-Based Opportunities to Bridge from Principles to Practice (William F. Siemer and Gregory E. Hitzhusen)

12 The Role of the American Fisheries Society in Fostering Aquatic Resources Stewardship: Past Successes, Future Opportunities (Carl V. Burger and Michael E. Barnes)

PART III Measuring Stewardship: Indicators and Outcomes

13 Measures of Aquatic Stewardship Behavior from the Boating Perspective (Andrew J. Loftus)

14 Measures of Aquatic Stewardship from a Fisheries Perspective (Phil T. Seng and Gwen M. White)

15 Does Angling or Boating Improve the Stewardship Ethic of Participants? (Steve L. McMullin, Karen S. Hockett, and Julie A. McClafferty)

16 The Influence of Angler Value Orientations on Fisheries Stewardship Norms (Jeremy T. Bruskotter and David C. Fulton)

17 A Test of Aquatic Education and Stewardship Relationships among Youth (Anthony J. Fedler)

PART IV Future Directions for Aquatic Stewardship Education

18 Advancing the Theory and Practice of Aquatic Stewardship Education (Barbara A. Knuth and William F. Siemer)