President’s Plan of Work

President’s Plan of Work for Joe Margraf for 2016-2017

The 146-year-old American Fisheries Society (AFS) has a mission to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic sciences, and promoting the development of fisheries professionals. My plan of work builds on the leadership of my predecessors and our Executive Director and staff. The top priority of this plan is overall support for the goals of the 2015-2019 AFS Strategic Plan, with the following areas of emphasis during 2016-2017.


  1. Explore ways to increase the relevance of AFS primary publications so that they are among the most relevant of all fisheries journals.
  2. Explore the feasibility of a joint AFS-TWS journal as an outlet for topics that span both disciplines.
  3. Implement avenues for virtual attendance at AFS scientific and business meetings.


  1. Hold a Governing Board retreat to review and better align AFS professional certification requirements with employer expectations for new hires and increase the societal relevance of professional fisheries careers.
  2. Charge the Continuing Education Committee and encourage other AFS Units to develop distance learning continuing education offerings in addition to in-person sessions.


  1. Implement the AFS Communications Plan.
  2. Use a variety of approaches to share current scientific and policy information with members in easily understandable formats, potentially by developing articles in Fisheries magazine on projects and programs that do not lend themselves to other AFS publications, providing summaries in Fisheries magazine of recent AFS and other journal articles and developing and releasing fisheries news items.
  3. Explore opportunities for fee-based electronic information dissemination to non-members.


  1. Provide a first-class Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida, in August 2017 with the theme “Fisheries Ecosystems from Uplands to Oceans.”
  2. Attend the four AFS Division meetings and Chapter meetings as possible.
  3. Share observations with members on Presidential travel to fisheries societies meetings in other countries.
  4. Explore approaches to increase information transfer among other fisheries societies and AFS.


  1. Support the AFS Policy Fellowship Program to update AFS policies.
  2. Continue Congressional Hill briefings as appropriate topics arise.
  3. Ensure appropriate and timely AFS responses to legislative and policy issues that affect fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems.


  1. Support the AFS development and fundraising program.
  2. Explore methods to build membership, particularly among Chapter affiliate members.
  3. Increase the transparency of AFS business practices through the use of some of my President’s Commentary columns.

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