Meeting Briefing Books


Governing Board Reporting Tool Submissions


  • Copies of all Governing Board Meeting Books from 1972 through the current year are included except for the 1975 Mid-Year and the 1982 Mid-Year.
  • There are no copies of Mid-Year Meeting Books before 1972.
  • The 1955 Annual Meeting Book is missing.
  • No meetings were held in 1942, 1943 or 1944 due to WWII.
  • All reports in all of the Tables of Contents have their corresponding page numbers listed.
  • All Governing Board Meeting Reports have been converted into an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) format except for the 1924 Annual Meeting, the 1948 Annual Meeting, and the 2011 Mid-year Meeting. The OCR format allows these reports to be easily searched.
  • To search these reports click on Ctrl +F. A window will appear in the upper right corner. Type in a name or subject and click on ENTER. The first reference will appear highlighted in blue. To find more references click on the forward arrow.
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