Procedures of AFS

The lowest level of formal documentation of AFS operations

Procedures are the lowest level of formal documentation of AFS operations. The Constitution and Rules are higher and they are described in the Constitution. Procedures are intended to remind AFS volunteers and staff of what to do and how to do it.

This was a major revision. The last “procedural manual” was published in 1992. Since then there have been many changes and the manual was not revised to keep up. The Constitution and Rules have been revised and substantial changes were made in governance such as the creation of the Management Committee. This committee hopes that Procedure updates will be a routine part of Governing Board and Committee business. The new document will only be available electronically so revisions can be made easily.

The old Procedural Manual included a mix of general information and procedures. This revision attempted to remove the general information from procedures. A “Unit Survival Manual” also exists that includes a wide range of information. The information removed from the old Procedural Manual is going to be added to the Unit Survival Manual (USM). Concurrently an update will be made to the USM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Special Committee on Society Procedures.
Dirk Miller, Chair, Ira Adelman, Mary Fabrizio, Carolina Franco, Fred Harris, Joe Margraf, Gus Rassam, and Gwen White

September 10, 2005 (original revision) Updates based on Governing Board approvals on:
September 14, 2006 (Lake Placid) March 10, 2007 (Atlanta) September 1, 2007 (San Francisco) March 8, 2008 (Annapolis)
August 16, 2008 (Ottawa) March 7, 2009 (Bethesda) August 29, 2009 (Nashville) September 3, 2011 (Seattle)
August 18, 2012 (Minneapolis/St. Paul) March 2, 2013 (Bethesda) September 7, 2013 (Little Rock)
Updates based on Management Committee approvals through:
January 1, 2016 (John Boreman, Constitutional Consultant); August 19, 2016 (Kansas City); July 1, 2017 (John Boreman, Constitutional Consultant); August 15, 2017 (John Boreman, Constitutional Consultant)

Table of Contents

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  • General Responsibilities of All Officers
  • Travel Policy Procedures for Society Officers
  • Executive Director Succession Plan
  • Performance Evaluation of the Executive Officer
  • Purpose
  • Composition and Meetings
  • Governing Board Meeting Agenda
  • Responsibilities of Governing Board Members
  • Management Committee
  • Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures
  • Conflict of Interest – Disclosure Form
  • Guidelines for Preparation of Reports to the Governing Board
  • Format for Governing Board Reports
  • Example Midyear Report to the Governing Board
  • Procedures for Electronic Voting

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  • Purposes
  • Officers and Duties
  • Standing Committees

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  • Purposes
  • Officers and Duties
  • Standing Committees

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  • Purposes
  • Officers and Duties
  • Standing Committees

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  • Responsibilities of Committee Chairs
  • Responsibilities of Committee Members
  • Purposes, Composition, and Duties of Standing Committees
    • Arrangements Committee
    • Audit Committee
    • Awards Committee
    • Board of Appeals
    • Board of Professional Certification
    • Communications Committee
    • Constitutional Consultant
    • Continuing Education Committee
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
    • Electronic Services Advisory Board
    • Endangered Species Committee
    • Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee
    • External Affairs Committee
    • Fellows Selection Committee
    • Liaisons
    • Investment Committee
    • Meeting Oversight Committee
    • Membership Committee
    • Names of Aquatic Invertebrates Committee
    • Names of Fishes Committee
    • New Initiatives Coordinator
    • Nominating Committee
    • Past Constitutional Consultant’s Advisory Council
    • Past Presidents’ Advisory Council
    • Program Committee
    • Publications Award Committee (See also Awards section of Procedures)
    • Publications Overview Committee
    • Raffle Committee
    • Resolutions Committee
    • Resource Policy Committee
    • Time and Place Committee
    • Vote Auditor

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  • Procedures for Submitting, Considering, and Implementing Resolutions
    • Society Advocacy and Unit Procedures
    • Lobbying Information and Guidelines
  • Publications Policies
    • A.  Comprehensive Publications Policy
    • B.  Publications Policy-Symposium Series
    • C. Recruitment, Review, and Retention of Editors
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Topic-Oriented Meetings (TOMs)
  • Topic Oriented Hill Seminars
  • Meeting Support

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  • A.  Definitions
  • B.  Financial Policies
  • C.  Possible Financial Pitfalls
  • Investment Objectives and Guidelines
  • Planned Giving Program
  • New Initiatives
  • Disaster Relief
  • Fisheries Conservation Foundation

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  • Foreword
  • Bidding for an Annual Meeting
  • Tips for Successful Submissions
  • Remuneration
  • Suggested Timeline
  • Two Years Out
  • Year Before The Meeting
  • Year Of The Meeting
  • Annual Meeting Structure And Organization
  • Local Arrangements
    • Accommodations Subcommittee
    • Audio Visual Aids Subcommittee
    • Registration Subcommittee
    • Budget and Finance Subcommittee
    • Fundraising Subcommittee
    • Social Activities, & Entertainment Subcommittee
  • Program Committee
    • Printing Subcommittee
    • Publicity Subcommittee
    • Trade Show Subcommittee
    • Tours, Transportation, and Information Subcommittee
    • Welcome and Protocol Subcommittee
    • Signs Subcommittee
    • Raffle Subcommittee
  • Guidelines and Suggestions For Promoting Diversity At AFS Conferences and Meetings
  • Levels of Support – American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting