AFS Vision 2020

Global Fisheries Leadership

  • Promote fisheries conservation throughout North America and the world at all levels of government and society and among all levels of AFS by supporting sound science and networking opportunities.
  • Increase science‐based fisheries conservation by interactions with AFS members and government policy makers.
  • Promote fisheries conservation through development and dissemination of public outreach materials.
 Education/Continuing Education
  • Encourage educational institutions at all levels to maintain excellent academic programs in fisheries sciences and related disciplines to assure recruitment of fisheries professionals that meet the needs of employers.
  • Ensure that the fisheries professional certification program reflects the integration of many sciences relevant to fisheries while ensuring its recognition as a mark of scientific excellence and expertise.
  • Provide a wide array of continuing education opportunities using innovative methods to reach the widest possible audience of fisheries professionals.
 Value of Membership
  • Determine and respond to the needs and opinions of AFS members.
  • Enhance participation of students and professionals at all levels of the society to assure recruitment, retention, and leadership development into the future.
  • Promote diversity within AFS and the fisheries profession.
  • Develop innovative and cost effective methods to make fisheries science and management information readily available to AFS members and all levels of government entities worldwide.
  • Practice good governance and organizational management.