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Photo of Octopus being Anesthetized

How to Anesthetize an Octopus

Abstract Recent progress in animal welfare legislation relating to invertebrates has provoked interest in methods for the anesthesia of cephalopods, for which different approaches to anesthesia have been tried but in most cases without truly anesthetizing the animals. For example, several workers have used muscle relaxants or hypothermia as forms of “anesthesia.” Several inhalational anesthetics are known to... Read More

Trade-offs between fisheries and the conservation of ecosystem function are defined by management strategy

by Christopher J Brown* and Peter J Mumby Efforts to conserve marine biodiversity must move beyond conserving individual species within protected areas and seek to preserve the functional roles that species perform in ecosystems across seascapes. For instance, herbivorous and predatory (including invertebrate-feeding) fish are critical for maintaining coralreef habitat and the diversity of dependent... Read More