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Using Carbon Dioxide in Fisheries and Aquatic Invasive Species Management

By Hilary B. Treanor, Andrew M. Ray, Megan Layhee, Barnaby J. Watten, Jackson A. Gross, Robert E. Gresswell, and Molly A. H. Webb Abstract To restore native fish populations, fisheries programs often depend on active removal of aquatic invasive species. Chemical removal can be an effective method of eliminating aquatic invasive species, but chemicals can induce mortality in nontarget organisms and... Read More

Fisheries Highlights – November 2017

President's Commentary The Future of AFS Journals Policy Fish Need Infrastructure, Too Communications Expanding Our Reach: How AFS Staff and Units Have Advanced Communications in Just a Few Years FEATURES  Fish Bioenergetics 4.0: An R-Based Modeling Application The Fishery Resources of the Mississippi River: A Model for Conservation and Management … and more! Members click below for the November... Read More

NOAA: U.S. Fisheries Remain a Strong Economic Driver

Commercial and recreational fisheries remain a strong contributor to the United States economy, according to the annual Fisheries of the United States report released today by NOAA. Saltwater recreational fishing remains one of America’s favorite pastimes and a key contributor to the national economy—with 9.6 million anglers making nearly 63 million trips in 2016, catching more than 371... Read More

Future of Pacific Salmon in the Face of Environmental Change: Lessons from One of the World’s Remaining Productive Salmon Regions

By Erik R. Schoen, Mark S. Wipfli, E. Jamie Trammell, Daniel J. Rinella, Angelica L. Floyd, Jess Grunblatt, Molly D. McCarthy, Benjamin E. Meyer, John M. Morton, James E. Powell, Anupma Prakash, Matthew N. Reimer, Svetlana L. Stuefer, Horacio Toniolo, Brett M. Wells & Frank D. W. Witmer Pacific salmon Oncorhynchus spp. face serious challenges from climate and landscape change, particularly... Read More

Fisheries October 2017

COLUMNS  President's Commentary Can Fisheries Scientists Win the War on Science? Policy Regional Approaches to Marine Resources Management Guest Column A Conversation about NMFS' Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Policy and Roadmap Photo Diary The Unique Ecology of Lembeh Strait Indonesia  FEATURES  Satellite and Airborne Remote Sensing Applications for Freshwater Fisheries Future of Pacific Salmon in the Face of Environmental... Read More

Taxonomy of Gila in the Lower Colorado River Basin of Arizona and New Mexico

Committee on Names of Fishes, a joint committee of the American Fisheries Society and the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists By Lawrence M. Page, and Carole C. Baldwin, Héctor Espinosa-Pérez, Lloyd T. Findley,Carter R. Gilbert, Karsten E. Hartel, Robert N. Lea, Nicholas E. Mandrak, Juan J. Schmitter-Soto, H. J. Walker, Jr. Species-level taxonomy is the scientific naming of natural populations of organisms for... Read More