Salmonid Field Protocols Handbook: Techniques for Assessing Status and Trends in Salmon and Trout Populations


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David H. Johnson, Brianna M. Shrier, Jennifer S. ONeal, John A. Knutzen, Xanthippe Augerot, Thomas A. ONeil, and Todd N. Pearsons, plus 37 contributing authors

478 pages

Publication date: May 2007

Published by the American Fisheries Society in association with State of the Salmon

ISBN-13: 978-1-888569-92-6


This is the first publication to collect, standardize, and recommend a scientifically rigorous set of field protocols for monitoring and assessing salmon and trout populations. Includes five additional techniques that can be used with any of the 13 principle methods to supplement information gathered.

Over four dozen fisheries experts throughout the U.S. Pacific Northwest and beyond contributed their time to pick, write, and review the most reliable protocols for enumerating salmonids in the field. Presented in an easy to use format, each of the 18 peer-reviewed protocols covers objectives, sample design, data handling, personnel and operational requirements, and field and office techniques, including survey forms.

Standardized monitoring protocols will improve data reliability, maximize opportunities for data sharing and data set comparability, and ultimately improve the ability to assess status and trends. The Handbook will also support consistency in data collection for salmonids at the international level.


Introduction (Xanthippe Augerot)

Evolving Towards a Common Global Language for Salmon Conservation (Samantha Chilcote)

The Role of Sample Surveys: Why Should Practitioners Consider Using a Statistical Sampling Design? (Donald L. Stevens, Jr., David P. Larsen, and Anthony R. Olsen)

Data Management: From Field Collection to Regional Sharing Part I: Field Data Collection (Stewart Toshach, Richard J. OConnor, Thomas A. ONeil, Bruce A. Patten, Cedric Cooney, Bill Kinney, Paul Huffman, and Frank Young)

Part II: Regional Data Sharing (Thomas A. ONeil, Stewart Toshach, and Wayne Luscombe)



Carcass Counts (Bruce Crawford, Thaddeus R. Mosey, and David H. Johnson)

Cast Nets (Kaneaki Edo)

Electrofishing: Backpack and Drift Boat (Gabriel M. Temple and Todd N. Pearsons)

Hydroacoustics: Rivers (Suzanne L. Maxwell)

Hydroacoustics: Lakes and Reservoirs (J. Christopher Taylor and Suzanne L. Maxwell)

Fish Counting at Large Hydroelectric Projects (Paul G. Wagner)

Redd Counts (Sean P. Gallagher, Peter K. J. Hahn, and David H. Johnson)

Rotary Screw Traps and Inclined Plane Screen Traps (Gregory C. Volkhardt, Steven L. Johnson, Bruce A. Miller, Thomas E. Nickelson, and David E. Seiler)

Beach Seining (Peter K. J. Hahn, Richard E. Bailey, and Annalissa Ritchie)

Snorkel Surveys (Jennifer S. ONeal)

Tangle Nets (Charmane E. Ashbrook, Kyong W. Hassel, James F. Dixon, and Annette Hoffmann)

Tower Counts (Carol Ann Woody)

Weirs (Christian E. Zimmerman and Laura M. Zabkar)


Aerial Counts (Edgar L. Jones III, Steve Heinl, and Keith Pahlke)

Fyke Nets (in Lentic Habitats and Estuaries) (Jennifer S. ONeal)

Variable Mesh Gill Nets (in Lakes) (Bruce Crawford)

Foot-based Visual Surveys for Spawning Salmon (Bruce Crawford, Thaddeus R. Mosey, and David H. Johnson)

Video Methodology (Jennifer S. ONeal)