Monitoring Stream and Watershed Restoration


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Philip Roni, editor

350 pages, glossary, index

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: February 2005



Millions of dollars are invested annually to aquatic restoration, yet little guidance exists on how to monitor and evaluate these activities. This long-awaited book provides a practical resource for designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation programs for restoration activities at various scales–from individual, site-specific actions to multiple projects throughout a watershed.

Chapters are organized around the major types of restoration techniques, including road improvements, riparian silviculture, fencing and grazing management, floodplains, estuarine, instream, nutrient enrichment, and acquisitions and conservation easements. Also includes chapters on economic evaluation and monitoring design.

The book will particularly appeal to scientists evaluating restoration techniques, to groups implementing restoration, and to agencies and entities responsible for funding restoration efforts.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments Preface Symbols and Abbreviations

1. Overview and Background Philip Roni

2. Steps for Designing a Monitoring and Evaluation Program for Aquatic Restoration Philip Roni, Martin C. Liermann, Chris Jordan, and E. Ashley Steel

3. Monitoring Treatments to Reduce Sediment and Hydrologic Effects from Roads Timothy J. Beechie, Curt N. Veldhuisen, Eric M. Beamer, Dave E. Schuett-Hames, Robert H. Conrad, and Paul DeVries

4. Monitoring Restoration of Riparian Forests Michael M. Pollock, Timothy J. Beechie, Samuel S. Chan, and Richard Bigley

5. Riparian Restoration through Grazing Management: Considerations for Monitoring Project Effectiveness Alvin L. Medina, John N. Rinne, and Philip Roni

6. Monitoring Floodplain Restoration George R. Pess, Sarah A. Morley, Julie L. Hall, and Raymond K. Timm

7. Monitoring Rehabilitation in Temperate North American Estuaries Casimir A. Rice, W. Gregory Hood, Lucinda M. Tear, Charles A. Simenstad, Gregory D. Williams, Lyndal L. Johnson, Blake E. Feist, and Philip Roni

8. Monitoring and Evaluating Instream Habitat Enhancement Philip Roni, Andrew H. Fayram, and Michael A. Miller

9. Monitoring the Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on Freshwater Ecosystems Peter M. Kiffney, Robert E. Bilby, and Beth L. Sanderson

10. Evaluating Fish Response to Culvert Replacement and Other Methods for Reconnecting Isolated Aquatic Habitats George Pess, Sarah Morley, and Philip Roni

11. Monitoring of Acquisitions and Conservation Easements Gino Lucchetti, Klaus O. Richter, and Ruth E. Schaefer

12. The Economic Evaluation of Stream and Watershed Restoration Projects Mark L. Plummer