Strategies for Restoring River Ecosystems: Sources of Variability and Uncertainty in Natural and Managed Systems


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Robert C. Wissmar and Peter A. Bisson, editors

276 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society

Publication date: April 2003




Fisheries and natural resource managers and policymakers need more efficient procedures for identifying sources of variability in ecosystems (natural and managed) and assessing uncertainties of managing and making decisions for developing and implementing river restoration strategies. This book seeks to integrate perspectives on variability of physical and biological functions and concepts of uncertainty in natural and managed systems into strategies for renewing and conserving river ecosystems. The book explores approaches to understanding and communicating the processes contributing to the variability of different types of river systems, and to assessing major sources of uncertainty in natural and managed river ecosystems.

Table of Contents



1. Strategies for Restoring River Ecosystems: Sources of Variability and Uncertainty R. C. Wissmar and P. A. Bisson

I. Sources of Variability and Restoration of River Ecosystems

2. Sources of Climate Variability in River Ecosystems R. L. Edmonds, R. C. Francis, N. J. Mantua, and D. L. Peterson

3. Hydrogeomorphic Variability and River Restoration D. R. Montgomery and S. M. Bolton

4. Landscapes and Ecological Variability of Rivers in North America: Factors Affecting Restoration Strategies F. R. Hauer, C. N. Dahm, G. A. Lamberti, and J. A. Stanford

5. Variability of Riparian Ecosystems: Implications for Restoration R. C. Wissmar, J. H. Braatne, R. L. Beschta, and S. B. Rood

6. Sources of Variability in Aquatic Ecosystems: Factors Controlling Biotic Production and Diversity R. E. Bilby, G. H. Reeves, and C. A. Dolloff

II. Uncertainty in Developing Restoration Strategies

7. Genetic Concepts and Uncertainties in Restoring Fish Populations and Species R. R. Reisenbichler, F. M. Utter, and C. C. Krueger

8. Watershed Assessment Techniques and the Success of Aquatic Restoration Activities G. R. Pess, T. J. Beechie, J. E. Williams, D. R. Whitall, J. I. Lange, and J. R. Klochak

9. Watershed Restoration‑-Adaptive Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty J. L. Anderson, R. W. Hilborn, R. T. Lackey, and D. Ludwig

10. Decision Support Models as Tools for Developing Management Strategies: Examples from the Columbia River Basin The Independent Scientific Advisory Board


11. Strategies for Restoring Rivers: Problems and Opportunities P. A. Bisson and R. C. Wissmar