Saving Puget Sound: A Conservation Strategy for the 21st Century


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John Lombard

315 pages, subject index

Published by American Fisheries Society in association with University of Washington Press

Publication date: November 2006

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ISBN 1-888569-83-2



No other developed area in the world matches the Puget Sound region’s combination of beauty, wealth, natural resiliency, and history of environmental concern. Saving Puget Sound develops a practical proposal to conserve the Puget Sound region’s most important ecosystems in the face of long-term population growth, drawing lessons that are relevant across the Northwest and other parts of the country. It provides both a vision for conservation and a detailed review of the political and legal issues that must be at the core of any practical strategy to achieve it.

This book will appeal to general readers interested in the future of the region, conservation professionals working on issues such as land use and endangered species, and students of environmental policy nationwide.



Author’s Note and Acknowledgments

PART I: A Practical, Long-Term Proposal

Chapter 1. The Challenge

Chapter 2. A Conservation Vision for the Region

Chapter 3. A Regional Strategy

Chapter 4. How We Get There

Chapter 5. Be Patient, but Waste No Time

PART II: The Relevant Laws

Chapter 6. Collaboration: Required by the Constitution

Chapter 7. The Endangered Species Act: The Most Successful Environmental Law?

Chapter 8. Applying the ESA: Salmon, Orcas, and What’s Not on the List

Chapter 9. Applying the ESA (Continued): Owls, Forests, and Fish

Chapter 10. Land Use: Growth Management and Beyond

Chapter 11. Not Enough Water: Planning Can Only Do So Much

Chapter 12. Water Quality: Inseparable from the Land Around It

Chapter 13. Tribal Treaty Rights: A “Unique Obligation”

Chapter 14. Choosing an Alternative Future