The Development of Form and Function in Fishes and the Question of Larval Adaptation


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John Jeffrey Govoni, editor

198 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society

Publication date: March 2004

Symposium 40




This book, the proceedings of a symposium held at the 26th Annual Larval Fish Conference, of the Early Life History Section of the American Fisheries Society, in Bergen, Norway presented current thought that reflected upon the following questions: when and in what capacity do developing organs or organ systems come on line, and more importantly, are these organs and their functions specializations unique to embryos and larvae, or are they simply rudimentary functional anlage of the adult form. Understanding how larval fish function, how they acquire energy to grow, and how they expend energy to survive is basic to any endeavor in either mariculture or aquaculture. This symposium, and book, invited and drew in scientists from around the world, who have compiled information, achieved understanding, and made their information available in a published symposium volume. The chapters included in this book show the development of form and function in the following major anatomical systems: gross external anatomy (swimming), the integument (osmoregulation and taste), the alimentary canal, other visceral organs, the swim bladder, gills, and sensory systems, as well as blood and circulation.

Table of Contents

Preface Prologue Symbols and Abbreviations

The Development of Form and Function in Fishes and the Question of Larval Adaptation John Jeffrey Govoni

Functional Development of the Liver and Exocrine Pancreas in Teleost Fish Katja Hoehne-Reitan and Elin Kjorsvik

The Development of the Swim Bladder: Structure and Performance Bernd Pelster

Gas Exchange, Ionoregulation, and the Functional Development of the Teleost Gill Peter J. Rombough

Mechanisms of Muscle Development and Responses to Temperature Change Ian A. Johnston and Thomas E. Hall

Changing Structure and Function of the Ear and Lateral Line System of Fishes during Development Lee A. Fuiman, Dennis M. Higgs, and Kirsten R. Poling

Variation in the Development of the Fish Retina Barbara I. Evans and Howard I. Browman

Allometric Growth in Fish Larvae: Timing and Function Jan W. M. Osse and Jos G. M. Van den Boogaart

Epilogue John Jeffrey Govoni