Burbot: Ecology, Management, and Culture


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Vaughn L. Paragamian and David H. Bennett, editors

270 pages, Symposium 59

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: February 2008

ISBN: 978-1-888569-98-8

doi: https://doi.org/10.47886/9781888569988


Burbot are circumpolar in distribution and found in the northern tier of states and Canada. Recent research suggests that there are two subspecies: Lota lota lota found in Eurasia and Alaska, and Lota lota maculosa found in North America south of Great Slave Lake. Burbot populations are threatened or have been extirpated in many waters in their southern range in North America, and in many states they are a species of special concern. The status of burbot is in question in some European countries, or they have been extirpated in others.

Among other topics, this volume explores differences in mitochrondrial DNA frequencies of burbot in the Pacific Northwest, how temperature changes due to regulated discharge from a dam and climatic changes may be affecting burbot abundance, the status of burbot in the Great Lakes, burbot culture, and how local government and a Native American tribe intervened to develop a burbot conservation strategy.

The book will be appreciated by burbot experts as well as those just interested in a unique fish.



Mitochondrial Variation in Western North American Burbot with Special Reference to the Kootenai River in Idaho and Montana, USA (Madison Powell, Vaughn L. Paragamian, and Jim Dunnigan)

Habitat Use and Seasonal Migrations of Burbot in Lowland Rivers in North France (Alain Dillen, Johan Coeck, and David Monnier)

Home Range and Movement Patterns of Burbot in Koocanusa Reservoir, Montana (James L. Dunnigan and Cameron L. Sinclair)

Seasonal Movement of Burbot in Relation to Temperature and Discharge in the Kootenai River, Idaho, USA and British Columbia, Canada (Vaughn L. Paragamian and Virginia D. Wakkinen)

Zooplankton Communities and Burbot Relative Abundance of Some Oligotrophic Lakes of Idaho, USA and British Columbia, Canada (Ryan Hardy, Vaughn L. Paragamian, and Matthew D. Neufeld)

Burbot Growth and Diets in Lakes Michigan and Huron: An Ongoing Shift from Native Species to Round Gobies (Stephen R. Hensler, David J. Jude, and Ji He)

Status and Case Histories

Status of Burbot Populations in the Laurentian Great Lakes (Martin A. Stapanian, Charles P. Madenjian, Charles R. Bronte, Mark P. Ebener, Brian F. Lantry, and Jason D. Stockwell)

Long-Term Trends in Burbot Abundance in Oneida Lake, New York: Life at the Southern Edge of the Range in an Era of Climate Change (James R. Jackson, Anthony J. VanDeValk, John L. Forney, Brian F. Lantry, Thomas E. Brooking, and Lars G. Rudstam)


Preliminary Captive Burbot Spawning Observations (Nathan R. Jensen, Scott R. Williams, Susan C. Ireland, John T. Siple, Matthew D. Neufeld, and Kenneth D. Cain)

Aspects of Reproduction and Larviculture of Burbot under Hatchery Conditions (Inne Vught, Alireza Shiri Harzevilli, Johan Auwerx, and Daniel De Charleroy)

A Preliminary Evaluation of Reintroductions of Burbot in Flanders, Belgium (Alain Dillen, Inne Vught, Daniel De Charleroy, David Monnier, and Johan Coeck)


Burbot in the Wind River Drainage of Wyoming: Knowledge of Stocks and Management Issues (Wayne A. Hubert, David Dufek, Joseph Deromedi, Kevin Johnson, Scott Roth, and David Skates)

Distribution and Population Characteristics of Burbot in the Missouri River, Montana: Based on Hoop Net, Cod Trap, and Slat Trap Captures (Travis B. Horton and Adam C. Strainer)

Population Dynamics and Extinction Risk of Burbot in the Kootenai River, Idaho, USA and British Columbia, Canada (Vaughn L. Paragamian, Brian J. Pyper, Michael J. Daigneault, Raymond C. P. Beamesderfer, and Susan C. Ireland)

An Evaluation of Precision in Age Assessment of Thin-Sectioned and Whole Otoliths and the Efficacy of Using Oxytetracycline as an Aid in Validating Otolith Annuli in Burbot (Lisa Stuby)

Evaluation of a Simple Decompression Procedure to Reduce Decompression Trauma in Trap-Caught Burbot (Matthew D. Neufeld and Colin R. Spence)

Burbot Restoration in the Kootenai River Basin: Using Agency, Tribal, and Community Collaboration to Develop and Implement a Conservation Strategy (Susan C. Ireland and Patrick N. Perry)

Some Effects of Freezing Techniques on Burbot Meat (Martin A. Stapanian and Yukio Kakuda)