Challenges for Diadromous Fishes in a Dynamic Global Environment


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Alex Haro, Katherine L. Smith, Roger A. Rulifson, Christine M. Moffitt, Ronald J. Klauda, Michael J. Dadswell, Richard A. Cunjak, John E. Cooper, Kenneth L. Beal, and Trevor S. Avery, editors

943 pages, hardcover, Symposium 69

Published by the American Fisheries Society

Publication date: August 2009

ISBN: 978-1-934874-08-0



Based on a 2007 international symposium, this book reviews the biology, ecology,
human importance, and management and conservation of diadromous fishes with
the goal of providing innovative interpretations and opportunities for sustainability.
Because diadromous fishes use different environments and migration corridors to
complete their life history in ocean and freshwater environments, they are particularly
vulnerable to direct and indirect consequences of human development and global
climate change.

Also presents new ecological and evolutionary concepts and experimental and modeling
tools that advance understanding of the significance and the resilience of the
diadromy life history strategies within ecosystems. Considers creative approaches for
habitat protection and restoration to sustain stocks in the future.


Making the Best of Two Worlds: Diadromy in the Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation of Aquatic Organisms (Robert M. McDowall)

Diadromy and the Life History of Sockeye Salmon: Nature, Nurture, and the Hand of Man (Thomas P. Quinn, Katy Doctor, Neala Kendall, and Harry B. Rich, Jr.)

Section 1: The Dynamic Nature of Diadromy

Preamble (Roger A. Rulifson)

The Origin of Fish Migration: The Random Escapement Hypothesis (Katsumi Tsukamoto, Michael J. Miller, Aya Kotake, Jun Aoyama, and Kazuo Uchida)

Contrasting Evolutionary Pathways of Anadromy in Euteleostean Fishes (Julian J. Dodson, Jérôme Laroche, and Frédéric Lecomte)

Postglacial Recolonization and the Loss of Anadromy in Rainbow Smelt from Coastal Newfoundland (Ian R. Bradbury, Mark W. Coulson, Steven E. Campana, Eric Baggs, and Paul Bentzen)

Diadromy as a Conditional Strategy: Patterns and Drivers of Eel Movements in Continental Habitats (James D. McCleave and Eric Edeline)

Variability in Diadromous Behavior of a Northern Coregonid Based on Scanning Proton Microprobe Analysis of Otolith Strontium (Kimberly L. Howland, John A. Babaluk, Doug Chiperzak, Ross F. Tallman, and George Low)

Migration Patterns of Striped Bass through Nonnatal Estuaries of the U.S. Atlantic Coast (Thomas M. Grothues, Kenneth W. Able, Jacque Carter, and Timothy W. Arienti)

Section 2: Climate Change and Anthropogenic Influences

Preamble (Christine M. Moffitt)

Planning the Management of Pacific Salmon in a Changing Climate (Richard J. Beamish, Ruston M. Sweeting, and Chrys M. Neville)

Learning from the Past to Predict the Future: Responses of European Diadromous Fish to Climate Change (Géraldine Lassalle, Mélanie Béguer, Laurent Beaulaton, and Éric Rochard)

Taking It with You When You Go: How Perturbations to the Freshwater Environment, Including Temperature, Dams, and Contaminants, Affect Marine Survival of Salmon (Stephen D. McCormick, Darren T. Lerner, Michelle Y. Monette, Katherine Nieves-Puigdoller, John T. Kelly, and Björn T. Björnsson)

Models of Past, Present, and Future Stream Temperatures for Selected Atlantic Salmon Rivers in Northeastern North America (Wendy A. Monk and R. Allen Curry)

Review of Ocean-Atmospheric Factors in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Influencing Spawning and Recruitment of Anguillid Eels (Michael J. Miller, Shingo Kimura, Kevin D. Friedland, Brian Knights, Heeyong Kim, Donald J. Jellyman, and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

Section 3: Ocean Migration of Diadromous Fishes in a Changing Global Environment

Preamble (Michael J. Dadswell)

Modeling Larval Migration Routes and Spawning Areas of Anguillid Eels of New Zealand and Australia (Donald J. Jellyman and Melissa M. Bowen)

Migration of Silver American Eels through a Macrotidal Estuary and Bay (Rodney G. Bradford, Jonathan W. Carr, Fred H. Page, and Fred Whoriskey)

Assessing Estuarine and Coastal Migration and Survival of Wild Atlantic Salmon Smolts from the Narraguagus River, Maine Using Ultrasonic Telemetry (John F. Kocik, James P. Hawkes, Timothy F. Sheehan, Paul A. Music, and Kenneth F. Beland)

Tracking Diadromous Fishes at Sea: The Electronic Future Using Hybrid Acoustic and Archival Tags (Michael J. W. Stokesbury, Michael J. Dadswell, Kim N. Holland, George D. Jackson, W. Don Bowen, and Ronald K. O ‘Dor)

What Comes Down Must Go Up: The Migration Cycle of Juvenile-Return Anadromous Taxa (Kim N. I. Bell)

Duration of the Oceanic Phase for Inanga Whitebait (Galaxiidae) Is Inversely Related to Growth Rate at Sea (David K. Rowe and Greg Kelly)

Life History Characteristics of a Sicydiinae Goby in Japan, Compared with Its Relatives and Other Amphidromous Fishes (Midori Iida, Shun Watanabe, and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

Section 4: Linkages with Ecosystem Energetics

Preamble (Richard A. Cunjak)

Tracking Sockeye Salmon Population Dynamics from Lake Sediment Cores: A Review and Synthesis (Irene Gregory-Eaves, Daniel T. Selbie, Jon N. Sweetman, Bruce P. Finney, and
John P. Smol)

Pacific Salmon, Marine-Derived Nutrients, and the Characteristics of Aquatic and Riparian Ecosystems (Robert J. Naiman, James M. Helfield, Krista K. Bartz, Deanne C. Drake, and Jon M. Honea)

Detecting Marine Nutrient and Organic Matter Inputs into Multiple Trophic Levels in Streams of Atlantic Canada and France (Timothy D. Jardine, Jean-Marc Roussel, Sean C. Mitchell, and Richard A. Cunjak)

Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Trophic Ecology of Atlantic Salmon in the North Atlantic Inferred from Analyses of Stable Isotope Signatures (R. Niloshini Sinnatamby, J. Brian Dempson, Gerald Chaput, Francois Caron, Eero Niemelä, Jaakko Erkinaro, and Michael Power)

A Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of Anadromous Arctic Charr on Food Web Structure and Nutrient Transport in Coastal Arctic Lakes (Heidi K. Swanson and Karen A. Kidd)

The Role of Anadromous Sea Lamprey in Nutrient and Material Transport between Marine and Freshwater Environments (Keith H. Nislow and Boyd E. Kynard)

Section 5: Population and Habitat Restoration

Preamble (Alex Haro)

Restoration and Enhancement of Salmonid Populations and Habitats with Special Reference to Atlantic Salmon (Bror Jonsson and Nina Jonsson)

Lexicon of Life Cycle Diversity in Diadromous and Other Fishes (David H. Secor and Lisa A. Kerr)

Fishway Evaluations for Better Bioengineering: An Integrative Approach (Theodore Castro-Santos, Aline Cotel, and Paul Webb)

Status of Diadromous Fish Species in the Restored East Hammar Marsh in Southern Iraq (Abdul-Razak M. Mohamed, Najah A. Hussain, Sajed S. Al-Noor, Brian Coad, and Falah M. Mutlak)

Past and Future Habitat Suitability for the Hudson River Population of Shortnose Sturgeon: A Bioenergetic Approach to Modeling Habitat Suitability for an Endangered Species (Ryan J. Woodland, David H. Secor, and Edwin J. Niklitschek)

Section 6: Management and Governance of Diadromous Fishes: Sociological, Economic, Political, and Ecological Considerations

Preamble (Ronald J. Klauda and Katherine L. Smith)

Challenges to Sustaining Diadromous Fishes through 2100: Lessons Learned from Western North America (Robert T. Lackey)

Salmon and Eulachon in Ecosystem Space and Time: A Plea for Wider Collaboration and Data Integration (Nigel Haggan, George D. Jackson, and Paul Lacroix)

Assessing Management Plans for the Recovery of the European Eel: A Need for Multi-Objective Analyses (Daniele Bevacqua, Paco Melià, Alain Crivelli, Marino Gatto, and Giulio A. De Leo)

Can the Ecosystem Approach Improve Management of Tropical Estuarine Fisheries for Diadromous Species? (Stephen J. M. Blaber)

Whose Fish? Managing Salmonidae and Humans in Complex Social Ecological Systems: Examples from the Baltic Sea Region (Monica Hammer)

Socioeconomic and Biopolitical Linkages in the Management of Tropical Shads (Stephen J. M. Blaber)

Identification of Diadromous Fish Species on Which to Focus River Restoration: An Example Using an Eco-Anthropological Approach (The Seine Basin, France) (Eric Rochard, Patricia Pellegrini, Julie Marchal, Mélanie Béguer, Dominique Ombredane, Géraldine Lasalle, Erwan Menvielle, and Jean-Luc Bagliniere)

Natural Heritage, Anthropogenic Impacts, and Biopolitical Issues Related to the Status and Sustainable Management of American Eel: A Retrospective Analysis and Management Perspective at the Population Level (Rob MacGregor, John M. Casselman, William A. Allen, Tim Haxton, John M. Dettmers, Alastair Mathers, Steve LaPan, Thomas C. Pratt, Peter Thompson, Max Stanfield, Lucian Marcogliese, and Jean-Denis Dutil)

Challenges and Opportunities for Co-Management of a Migratory Fish (Prochilodus nigricans) in the Peruvian Amazon (Elizabeth P. Anderson, Mariana Montoya, Aldo Soto, Hernán Flores, and Michael McCain)

Conservation of Juvenile Hilsa (Jatka) in Bangladesh: Need to Address the Livelihood of Fishers (Mohammad Abdul Latif Siddique)

The Santee River Basin Accord: Restoring Diadromous Fish through Prioritization of Subbasins (Amanda K. Hill)

Antioxidants, Irrigation, and Atlantic Salmon (Joan G. Trial)

How Policy, Politics, and Science Shaped a 25-Year Conflict over Alewife in the St. Croix River, New Brunswick Maine (Theodore V. Willis)


Concluding Remarks on the Halifax Diadromy Symposium (Robert M. McDowall)

Changing Themes in the Study of Diadromous Fishes (Thomas P. Quinn)

Poster Sessions

Preamble (John E. Cooper)

Bay-Scale Population Differentiation among Anadromous Rainbow Smelt (Mark W. Coulson and Paul Bentzen)

Population Structure of American Shad within and among Canadian Rivers (Daniel J. Hasselman, Rod G. Bradford, and Paul Bentzen)

A Comprehensive Approach to Understanding Diadromy at the Species Level: Learning from the Spawning Migration of Hickory Shad (Joshua G. Murauskas and Roger A. Rulifson)

Stream Water Creates a Discernable Odor Gradient that Migratory, Juvenile American Eels May Follow Inshore (Peter W. Sorensen)

Partial Evolutionary Divergence of a Migratory Pheromone between Northern and Southern Hemisphere Lampreys (Cindy F. Baker, Michael Stewart, Jared M. Fine, and Peter W. Sorensen)

Spawning Areas of Anguillid Eels in the World (Jun Aoyama)

Migratory Characteristics as a Key Factor for Determining the Population Structure of a Diadromous Species: Eels Tend to Be Panmictic while Salmon Divide Populations with
Ease (Yuki Minegishi, Jun Aoyama, and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

Climate Change May Have Affected Growth and Life History in Atlantic Salmon Juveniles over the Past 30 Years (Etienne Rivot, Charle Perrier, Céline Jouanin, Jean-Marc Roussel, Pascal Riera, Jean-Pierre Porcher, and Jean-Luc Baglinière)

The Spawning Habitat of Anadromous Rainbow Smelt: Trouble at the Tidal Interface (Bradford C. Chase)

Differences in Accumulation Pattern of Organochlorine Compounds in Masu Salmon between Fluvial and Sea-Run Forms (Mayuko Oka, Takaomi Arai, and Nobuyuki Miyazaki)

A Contemporary Understanding of the Delaware River Atlantic Sturgeon: Survival in a Highly Impacted Aquatic Ecosystem (Philip C. Simpson and Dewayne A. Fox)

European Eels from Deep Mediterranean Waters (Marco L. Bianchini, Gloria Vaggelli, Roberto Cossio, Giovanni Battista Palmegiano, Francesco Gai, Luciana Sola, Anna Rita Rossi, Donatella Crosetti, Giovanni Battista Giusto, Salvatore Gancitano, and Sergio Ragonese)

Feeding and Prey of Pacific Lamprey in Coastal Waters of the Western North Pacific (Alexei M. Orlov, Richard J. Beamish, Andrei V. Vinnikov, and Dmitry Pelenev)

The Early Life History and Migration of Japanese Eel Larvae (Akira Shinoda and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

First Microchemical Examination of Abnormal Otoliths of Amphidromous Ayu (Tao Ma, Mari Kuroki, Rikizo Ishida, and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

Migration Scales of Catadromous Eels: Diversity and Evolution of Larval Migration Based on Their Distribution, Morphology, and Early Life History (Mari Kuroki, Jun Aoyama, Heeyong Kim, Michael J. Miller, Shingo Kimura, and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

Using Physiological Telemetry and Intervention Experiments to Examine the Maladaptive Shift in Fraser River ‘s Late-Run Sockeye Salmon Spawning Migration (Scott G. Hinch, Anthony P. Farrell, Steven J. Cooke, David A. Patterson, Mike F. LaPointe, David W. Welch, Karl K. English, Glenn T. Crossin, Kristi Miller, Richard E. Thompson, Glen van der Kraak, Ivan Olssen, Mark Shrimpton, and Michael S. Cooperman)

Modeling the Migratory Patterns and Habitat Use of Migratory Coregonids in the Mackenzie River System (Kimberly L. Howland, M. Van-Gerwen-Toyne, and R. Tallman)

Rainbow Smelt Population Monitoring and Restoration on the Gulf of Maine Coast of Massachusetts (Bradford C. Chase, Matthew H. Ayer, and Scott P. Elzey)

Restoration of Diadromy in an Endangered Fish: Do Atlantic Whitefish Covet the Sea? (Adam M. Cook and Paul Bentzen)

An Evaluation of Nature-Like Fishways for Passage of Anadromous Alewife (Abigail Franklin, Alex Haro, and Theodore Castro-Santos)

Why Has the Japanese Eel Not Declined to the Levels of the European and American Eels? A Possible Explanation from the Movement and Age Structure of Growth-Phase Eels (Kazuki Yokouchi, Jun Aoyama, and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

Evaluating Small Barrier Removal and Passage Improvement Scenarios to Enhance Diadromous Fish Restoration in the Penobscot Basin, Maine (Wesley S. Patrick and Rory Saunders)

How Dammed Is Your Watershed: First Approximation of an Index to Relative Dammed-ness of U.S. Watersheds (Mark A. Cantrell and Amanda K. Hill)

Greater Genetic Differentiation and Complex Migratory Behavior of Striped Bass in the
Canadian Portion of the Species ‘ Range (Paul Bentzen, Rod G. Bradford, and Ian G. Paterson)

Buoyancy Regulation during the Freshwater Marine Transition: Differential Use of Lipid by Hatchery and Wild Coho Salmon (Laurie A. Weitkamp)

Diverse Life History Strategies amongst Brown Trout in a New Zealand Lowland River
Catchment (Esben A. Kristensen, Gerard P. Closs, Ricky Olley, and Jonathan P. Kim)

New Insights on American Eel Life History from Otolith Microchemistry (Brian M. Jessop, David K. Cairns, Isabel Thibault, and Wann-Nian Tzeng)

Physiological Mechanisms of European Eel Upstream Migration Plasticity Are Stage-Dependant (Hélène Imbert, Rory Arrowsmith, Sylvie Dufour, and Pierre Elie)

Silver Eel Tagging as a Method to Investigate the Migration Pattern in the Baltic Sea (Niklas B. Sjöberg, Erik Petersson, Willem Dekker, and Håkan Wickström)

Homing and Ranging Concepts Are Compatible with Low Recapture Rate of Yellow European
Eels (Hélène Imbert, Patrick Lambert, and Christian Rigaud)

What Promotes Nondiadromous Recruitment in Migratory Galaxiids? (Andy S. Hicks, Gerry P. Closs, Bruno David, Jon Waters, and Jonathan P. Kim)

The Anadromous Arctic Char of Quttinirpaaq National Park, Ellesmere Island, Canada, as
Determined by Otolith Strontium Distribution (John A. Babaluk, James D. Reist, Richard J. Wastle, John (Iain) L. Campbell, and Norman M. Halden)

Seasonal Substrate and Water Flow Preference of Year-0 White, Green, Pallid, Shovelnose, Lake, Shortnose, and Gulf Sturgeons (Erika Parker, Boyd Kynard, and Martin Horgan)

Eel Growth under the Influence of Global Warming and Ecosystem Perturbation (Françoise Daverat, Laurent Beaulaton, Russel Poole, Håkan Wickström, Géraldine Lamaison, Jan Andersson, and Géraldine Lassalle)

Behavior at High Temperature: Can Physiology Explain Movement of Atlantic Salmon to Cool Water? (Cindy Breau, Richard A. Cunjak, and Steve J. Peake)

Biological Characteristics and Population Status of Anadromous Brook Trout 66 Years after an Initial Study in Moser River, Nova Scotia, Canada (John L. MacMillan and Reginald J. Madden)

From Local to Global Climate Change: Effects on Southern European Atlantic Salmon (Francis Juanes, America Valiente, Steve Gephard, and Eva Garcia-Vazquez)

Behavior, Activity, and Movements of Juvenile Atlantic Salmon in Early Winter (Tommi Linnansaari and Richard A. Cunjak)

An Unwelcome Guest? Preliminary Status of the American Eel Swim Bladder Parasite
Anguillicola crassus in New Jersey Estuaries (Mark C. Sullivan, Marcy Howland, and Kenneth W. Able)

Investigation into the Role of Water Velocity on Fish Habitat Selection (Zoya A. Pawlychyn, Mark Abrahams, Chris Katopodis, and Ross Tallman)

Dealing with Changing Environments: Emerging Diseases and Invasive Species in Changing
Landscapes (Christine M. Moffitt)

The Nature of Dispersal in Atlantic Salmon: Source-Sink Reversals Revealed by Contemporary and Long-Term Genetic Analyses (Friso P. Palstra and Daniel E. Ruzzante)

American Shad Migrations Revisited: Otolith Chemistry, Natal Origins, and Mixed Stock
Compositions (Benjamin D. Walther and Simon R. Thorrold)

Inshore Migration of Glass Eel Phase of Japanese Eel in Lake Hamana, Japan: Periodicity, Seasonality, and Recruitment Mechanisms (Nobuto Fukuda, Jun Aoyama, and Katsumi Tsukamoto)

Migration Patterns of American Eel Determined with Fin Tissue Stable Isotope and Otolith Microchemistry Analyses (Marie Clément, Alyre Chiasson, Geoff Veinott, and David K. Cairns)

The Oceanic Distribution of Alewives: An Examination of Seasonal and Interannual Patterns, and Bycatch Risk (Jacob Kritzer and Peter Black)

Habitat Use and Timing by Bull Trout in Marine Waters of Northern Puget Sound,
Washington, USA (Reg Reisenbichler, Steve Rubin, Michael Hayes, Fred Goetz, and Mike Parsley)

Dynamic Network Topology: Towards Developing a Stream Network Perspective (Rebecca L. Flitcroft, Reeves Gordon, and Kelly Burnett)

Evolutionary and Ecological Significance of Anadromy for Brook Char (R. Allen Curry, Eric Chernoff, and Tim D. Jardine)

Beyond Diadromous Fishes: Diadromous Invertebrates Are Strong Interactors Too (Effie A. Greathouse and Jana E. Compton)

Quantification of Regional Differences in River Habitat Capacity for Atlantic Salmon in
Eastern Canada A Pilot Study (Robert G. Randall and Peter G. Amiro)

Genetic Evaluation of Restoration Success in American Shad Returning to the James River, Virginia, USA (Aaron W. Aunins, Tom P. Gunter, John M. Epifanio, and Bonnie L. Brown)

Conservation Concerns for Galaxias maculatus in Chile, South America (Evelyn Habit, Priscila Piedra, Roberto Cifuentes, Mark Belk, Pedro Victoriano, Juan Jose Ortiz, Daniel Ruzzante, Victor Cussac, and Jorge González)

The Atlantic Coast Fish Habitat Partnership: Forming a Coast-Wide Alliance to Protect and Restore Diadromous Fish Habitat, USA (Jessie C. Thomas)

Sustainability of American Eel in the St. Jones River, Delaware, USA: A Collaborative
Approach towards Understanding Population Ecology (Collette M. Cairns, Dewayne A. Fox, Larissa L. Bailey, and Kyle Shertzer)

Challenges of Conservation and Management of Anadromous Fish in Relicensing
Proceedings for Hydropower Projects, USA (Melanie Harris and Jane Hannuksela)

Reviewer Acknowledgments