Fisheries and Oil Development on the Continental Shelf


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C. S. Benner and R. W. Middleton, editors

172 pages; Published by American Fisheries Society; Publication date: 1991


Symposium 11: Proceedings from the 119th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, held in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1989

Table of Contents


Assessing the Ecological Effects of Oil Pollution from Outer Continental Shelf Oil Development R. W. Howarth

Rigs to Reefs: Fuel for Fisheries Enhancement through Cooperation V. C. Reggio, Jr. and R. Kasprzak

Improving Communication between the Oil and Fishing Industries C. Fusaro

Effects of Nonexplosive Seismic Energy Releases on Fish D. W. Chamberlain

Effects of Oil Drilling on Deepwater Reefs Offshore California G. D. Brewer, J. L. Hyland, and D. D. Hardin

Introduction to Papers on the Beaufort Sea

The Endicott Development Project – Preliminary Assessment of Impacts from the First Major Offshore Oil Development in the Alaskan Arctic B. J. Gallaway, W. J. Gazey, J. M. Colonell, A. W. Niedoroda, and C. J. Herlugson

Effects of Solid-Fill Gravel Causeways on the Coastal Central Beaufort Sea Environment L. E. Hachmeister, D. R. Glass, and T. C. Cannon

Habitats versus Populations: Approaches for Assessing Impacts on Fish S. B. Robertson

Bioassay Tests of Acute Temperature and Salinity Shock to Arctic Cisco R. G. Fechhelm, J. D. Fechhelm, C. J. Herlugson, and D. K. Beaubien

Effects of Temperature, Salinity, and Prey Abundance on the Growth of Arctic Ciscoes and Broad Whitefish Feeding on Epibenthic Prey in Field Enclosures K. K. English

Movement of Young-of-the-Year Arctic Ciscoes across the Beaufort Sea Coast, 1985-1988 D. R. Schmidt, W. B. Griffiths, D. K. Beaubien, and C. J. Herlugson

Predictability in the Catch of Arctic Cisco in the Colville River, Alaska L. L. Moulton, L. J. Field, and R. Kovalsky

Habitat Use Patterns of Juvenile Arctic Cod in the Coastal Beaufort Sea near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska T. C. Cannon, D. R. Glass, and C. M. Prewitt

Habitat Use by Epibenthic and Planktonic Invertebrates along the Coast of the Central Beaufort Sea, Alaska T. C. Cannon, J. A. Knutzen, and D. R. Glass